Sunday, 11 April 2010

Nuclear Weapons - Labour and Tories Show Their True Colours

Alistair Carmichael (Libdem) and Angus Robertson (SNP)

On the Politics Show at lunchtime Labour and the Tories were asked why we need nuclear weapons. They couldn't give an answer other than to say the present world is unstable with Iran being a threat. Also they couldn't answer when asked under what circumstances they would be used, although Jim Murphy stated their existence kept many in employment in the Clyde area.

Angus Robertson (SNP) gave a direct answer by saying he wanted rid of them because he didn't want to see hundreds of millions of people killed by these chemical missiles, but the most impressive reply for me was from Alistair Carmichael (Libdem) who said it was time the nuclear issue depended upon the needs of the military and stopped being treated as a job creation scheme.

Well said Mr Carmichael. Of course if Trident was halted there would be job loses in Scotland but maybe we could well see Scotland become a far more innovative and motivated country if those who were made redundant put their skills to good use either on an individual basis or collectively. We've lost the ability to grasping opportunities - this could be a chance for many to start their own businesses.

We don't need Trident in Scotland. We don't even have any control over it as we're only a storage facility. The US is in charge and holds the keys.

Labour and the Tories are so happy to spend our money on weapons they admit are past their time, plus of course give billions to other countries through DFID. How can anyone with a sense of justice vote for them?


cynicalHighlander said...

I dion't know if you watched it but it was despicable that the BBC has been dragged into Labours ways.

Fury over handling of BBC Scotland debate

Scoop Campbell should be scooping up dog excremant as that is all he is fit for.

Quiet_Man said...

And if or when Iran gets a nuclear weapon and decides to threaten us with it?

You cannot deal with unpredictable states, the only thing they tend to recognise is an overwhelming response.

In this both the Lib Dems and the SNP are naive at best, possibly disastrously wrong at worst.

subrosa said...

No CH I hadn't read that when I did my last two posts. They were just written out of anger at the whole half hour and they way certain people conducted themselves, aided and abetted by Campbell.

Thanks so much for the link.

Do hope others read it. If not, they can see the half hour on iPlayer about 35 minutes into the Politics Show.

subrosa said...

QM, we can't use our nuclear weapons. We're just storing them. The Americans are in charge of them and have the say not us.

Maybe they should be stored at Devonport then that would keep both you and me happy.

cynicalHighlander said...

"Maybe they should be stored at Devonport"

On the Thames outside Westminster is more fitting as it will give them peace of mind.

Witterings From Witney said...


One detects nationalist anger surfacing, over other considerations, in your post.

So many factors are involved here, far too many to discuss in a blog post.

First, does Scotland want a divorce from the UK? If so, then fine lets remove the missiles. If not, then I am sure you would accept that their presence beings employment and income to the economy?

Do tell, cause I know not, but has a cost analysis been done to determine whether Scotland can be 'self-sufficient'? For example, oil may have been discovered off Scotland's shores, but it was discovered when Scotland was part of the UK - therefore a fine legal question: to whom does it belong?

Methinks this is a question that cannot be decided by us, here, on your blog?

Just thinking 'out loud', as they say...

subrosa said...

That's an idea CH, then MPs could observe the billions they spent every day.

subrosa said...

WFW, I'm weary with unionist parties telling me Scotland couldn't survive as an independent country.

If you do a quick search on Google you'll find pages of cost analyses, reports etc about the financial positions.

You must know only about a third of Scots are brave/stupid (delete as you think fit) enough to want to be free of being told what to do by another country. Yes we now have a parliament but it has limited powers.

As the libdem MP said, having nuclear weapons should be because of necessity not a job creation scheme.

Fish were swimming in Scotland's waters before we became part of the UK WFW. When they're netted they're referred to as Scottish fish. Why should oil be any different?

The only reason the unionist parties are desperate to hang onto Scotland is because of the oil. If we didn't have it then we would have had independence years ago.

Yes, that may sound nationalist to you but it's common sense to me.

Unfortunately the only party which supports independence is the SNP but it believes firmly in the EU. Many independence supporters would prefer a debate about that.

Just answering 'out loud' like. :)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, the so called threat from Iran is surely supposed to be some sort of a JOKE.. Similiar presumably to the one from Iraq, who according to a programme I saw recently was only invaded because your man Saddam, wanted to be paid in Euros for his oil, which threatened the PetroDollar. As you rightly say we can't even fire them without American permission and their spare parts. Large numbers of the supposed 'jobs' that depend on Trident are in the forces and most of them would return to England from whence they came in the first place.

subrosa said...

It's all about positioning DL. If we didn't store the warheads then we wouldn't be allowed to play with the big boys. Must keep up with the big boys.

Colin said...

Of course if Trident was halted there would be job loses in Scotland

Would there? Putting billions into Trident is a very inefficient way of creating employment. Since far more could be created with the money spent, Trident actually costs jobs. In fact, giving every employee a £1m redundancy package would cost less than the present arrangement.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

There are no economic, moral or logistical reasons for Trident in Scotland or any part of the UK for that matter.

Its sole purpose is the shore up the myth of Westminster imperialism and the establishments protocols of domination.

Westminster and its incompetent minions have reduced the meaning of Democracy to that of a sick joke.

For Scotland to vote to stay with this farce, is akin to the victims of Buchenwald being asked to vote on whether they wanted coal or gas fired ovens.

Vote Westminster out of Scotland. Your grandchildren can't afford for you not to.

subrosa said...

I can't disagree with one word RA. In particular it's very worrying how further generations will cope. Their taxation bill will be something I've never seen in my lifetime.

subrosa said...

Colin, sorry I missed your comment earlier. I've been looking for a document which supports exactly what you say but can't find it. I wish people would realise you're right.

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