Monday, 12 April 2010

We Should Be Ashamed We've Allowed Britain to Come To This

I've spoken about the Righteous and their pleasure at gaining another scalp in their efforts to turn us into brainwashed morons, but little has made me as angry as this.

Picture above is Roy Amor, 61, who was a medical technician. He worked for Opcare, a private company that provides prosthetic and orthotic services to the NHS.

He was facing a disciplinary investigation after suggesting to a black colleague, (who was also a close friend), that he "better hide" when they noticed immigration officers outside their clinic. His black friend was not offended, however Mr Amor's comment was overheard by someone else who lodged a formal complaint.

Mr Amor was suspended. Five days later, after he received an email about the incident from his employers, police found his body outside his home near Bolton, Lancashire. He had left three notes, all of which mention Opcare, inculding one written outside his workplace at 5pm on the day before he died in which he describes his despair. Such despair that he had shot himself in the head.

The black man, who is believed to have attended Mr Amor's funeral and had known him for many years, is said to be "shattered". There is no suggestion whatsoever that the remark was anything other than a joke between two good friends.

Opcare chief executive Michael O'Byrne admitted Mr Amor had been suspended over the joke. He added: "It's an enormous tragedy and we are all in mourning. I knew Roy personally and he was an excellent technician."

You're not all in mourning Mr O'Byrne. There's someone in your organisation who will be thrilled to bits that their behaviour has rid the country of someone they view as 'racist'. That person is dangerous. Their intention is to have a society in which we spy on each other and rid these islands of individuality. I'm sure many Opcare employees will be feeling very insecure in their work now they realise someone with a vindictive itinerary is in their midst.

Why couldn't the matter have been investigated on the spot? A statement from the person to whom the comment was directed, saying he wasn't offended should have resolved the issue. Silly me! Common sense is no longer applicable in this country.

I for one will not be dictated to by these people. They can label me anything they wish but I will not succumb to their distasteful agenda. If we don't make a stand against these 'politically correct' zealots then we deserve the society we get.

Stewart Cowan and JuliaM have also posted about the death of Mr Amor.


Uncle Marvo said...

"I for one"?

Rosie, count me in.

Bet I go to jail before you.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Yet another anonymous complainant given undue influence by politically correct morons.

As you say, Rosie, this will be swept under the carpet as the death wasn't one of the 'approved'.

Tuesday Kid said...

Bunch of bastards, too many people following proceedures that are set up for very different circumstances.

Oldrightie said...

They might well have needed to harvest the poor guy's organs?

subrosa said...

OK Marvo, you're on. :)

subrosa said...

It's a disgrace the persecution these pc people are allowed to get away with Dick.

Of course the politicians back them all the way...

subrosa said...

Aye Tuesday and we've lost our sense of fairness. Don't politicians always speak of fairness?

subrosa said...

At 61 OR? They're not up to much then are they? I'm sure mine aren't.

Anonymous said...

This story's gone Global.

Here it is on an New Zealand blog, where-by they don't understand why we don't say "enough is enough" and vote B.N.P.

I try to explain that the B.N.P. are Socialists too, as do others. Yet observing from afar, people have come to a final conclusion that only the B.N.P. in Britain these days, are speaking with any sense at all.

Makes you think. Not so much about the B.N.P., but how disastrous all of our other Politicians, and their similar shaded parties, have now genuinely become.

When exactly is "enough finally enough" to we Brits?

Sue said...

It's all part of the EU "socialist, communitarian" plan and it's working well for them, especially it seems, in the UK.

It's the dirty little snitches that should be made to suffer. Isn't this sort of behaviour "inciting hatred"?

Uncle Marvo said...



Don't you mean "The Spies"?

They're only looking for naughty Eurasians, as you know.

Careful what you think.

subrosa said...

Thanks for the link Don't Give Up the Day Job. Will this be enough to give the three 'main' parties a bluddy nose? I don't think so. They'll stick to their agenda.

Certain people can now throw shoes when protesting. I'm going to insist we're all permitted to do this.

I know people who are going to vote BNP because they feel their identities are being removed. Funnily enough I see their point.

subrosa said...

Oh yes Sue, the UK comply with everything and anything. Must keep our place at the top tables etc etc.

We're told we are the country of fairness and freedom. The problem is that applies only to some not all.

subrosa said...

Marvo, could you imagine working in an environment where that creature works? It must be dreadful.

I couldn't work in an environment where I knew someone was spying on my every word and action. There's a new non-rule now that shoe-throwing is acceptable. Think I'll give that a try.

Elby the Beserk said...

Ahah. You see, the State now reserves the right to be offended on behalf of those who are not offended, and to take what they deem to be appropriate action, such as hounding a man to his grave.

Radio Free Britain said...

You hit the nail on the head there, our indentities are being removed.

The best way to preserve yours, is to smash labour at the elections.

Uncle Marvo said...

I'm spied on. Not from inside, but from outside, for I am using the internet.

However, I fear not the men in black. Nor do they fear me.

I am very careful what I type, believe it or believe it not.

Anything I wish to be less than careful about is not transmitted over electronic media.

subrosa said...

This isn't, by any means, the first case of this type of course Elby, it's the first one which has had such a tragic outcome.

I await the platitudes from the politicians.

subrosa said...

I do hope the tories are taking notice of responses RFB. People have had enough now.

subrosa said...

Yes of course Marvo, there's always Big Brother.

I too am careful what I type. The 'little people' are the easiest catches.

Stewart Cowan said...

Hi SR,

Thanks for the linky. As you know, I suggested that the grass probably thought he was doing the right thing.

This is what we're up against - seriously brainwashed people.

I have a friend who is director of a college and they had a visit from an 'equality' person from the Scottish Gov't. These people are really hammering home the message without compromise. Then there's the media. And state 'education'.

The situation is much worse than just nasty people grassing others up. They believe they're right and legislation and company rules say they're right and the police and CPS are under the curse of PC too.

We're in trouble!

Angry Old Man said...

I hope that the person who lodged the complaint against Mr Amour has a lot of difficulty sleeping at night now.The past 13 years appear to have brought out the very worst in people, in this once great country

subrosa said...

We are in trouble Stewart and it's all to do with the obsession politicians have with groups who shout the loudest.

This equality business is all part of the social engineering which has been ongoing for some years now. The intention is to emphasise the haves and have nots and to ensure the have nots are cornered.

subrosa said...

I doubt if they will AOM because, as Stewart says, they think they were right.

Dazed And Confused said...


I found that Kiwi blog, "Crusader Rabbit" the other night, and come to realise that they know us Brit bloggers far better than we would ever imagine judging by the comments section Of this post

By the way Subrosa, if you really think that our vile Politicians will ever allow Scotland and Wales to sneak away from the rest of us poor saps then your forgetting one vital thing. For Socialists, the most detested word in our entire language is the term "England", so how the hell would they get around that if you lot were gone?

JuliaM said...

Cheers for link! ;)

As for the anonymous informant not being able to sleep at night, sadly I suspect that they will have no such problem...

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Now, now all you grumbling human resources.

Just huad yer whisht and keep stoom in the broiler pen.

After all, resource and nuisance are just not compatible to the bottom line account

subrosa said...

I would agree Julia and think they will be regarding themselves as some sort of saviour of the world. I know someone else who thinks that way...

subrosa said...

Isn't the bottom line nearly balanced RA?

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Balanced Rosa? Yes like an elephant on a pin head.

Billy said...

Surely whoever done the reporting of the poor guy should at least lose their job Subrosa. If these two guys were known to be best friends in the company and outside then it seems to me to be malicious. A joke is a joke, that is all it is meant to be, especially amongst friends.

subrosa said...

Exactly RA, but aren't political balances always such.

subrosa said...

You would think so Billy but these Righteous always think they're right. Whoever reported this will be sleeping soundly in the knowledge that they were correct.

subrosa said...

I'll keep an eye on that site D & C because it's good to know what outsiders think.

Until the oil runs out D & C, there's no way Westminster will let Scotland go. I agree with you about socialists and their dislike of the word England. The PM often refers to us here as 'north Britain. Insulting for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Do not be surprised if the politicians, if they say anything about Mr Amor's death, say that 'he already had 'underlying psychological problems'. End of story - move on.
Bloggers should not allow it to go away, in the same way that we must not allow the case of Nick Hogan to go away. It is, I suppose, right that bloggers move on rapidly from one subject to another. It has to be so because there is so much going on in the world - daft medical studies follow each other in rapid succession (there were four in today's Telegraph alone). But we have to keep a collective memory of the major incidents that condemn the erosion of our liberties.

Re Mr Amor, someone must know who it was who reported him. It takes only one blogger to say who it was for that person to be shamed. This idea may seem cruel, but is that not exactly the process that the powers-that-be employ to silence dissent?

subrosa said...

Funnily enough junican, I've had a couple of people say that already and they weren't politicians!

Unless a blogger is positive of their evidence, I doubt if any would name the person because we can be sued and the blog closed. That would defeat the object of blogging to highlight such tragedies.

I'll keep plugging away along with others.

My thoughts on this for what it's worth. I think he may have thought he'd be sacked and lose his pension into the bargain. For many people that is the ultimate humiliation, not to have money to support themselves in old age.

William said...

Do not be surprised if the politicians, if they say anything about Mr Amor's death, say that 'he already had 'underlying psychological problems'.

That would be a reasonable assumption. Anyone who commits suicide because they've been unable to work for a few days must have 'underlying psychological problems', I would imagine.

He should have apologised for his 'witty' remark and got on with his life. It's unlikely he would have been fired for it. The irrational response would be to end your life over it. Halfwit.

subrosa said...

William, I think you assume far too much.

As for the man being a halfwit, I find that offensive.

I have a retired friend who worked with prosthetics and orthotics and he is exceptionally intelligent and educated.

How do you know he didn't apologise? Were you there?

How do you know he wouldn't have been fired for it? He may well have been told that was the situation.

William, think before you type.

William said...

I've had lots of experience with disciplinary matters, representing colleagues. In fact, in one instance, I represented a colleague who made what he thought was a light-hearted remark about a black genetlman. Someone else complained about it and we had to attend a meeting - 'unfortunate choice of words...deeply regrets any offence caused...accepts the cultural diversity of the workplace...will resolve to build working relationships with colleagues, blah, blah, blah, etc.' You play the game and that's the way it is.

Maybe this other person shouldn't have complained. Maybe he shouldn't have been suspended. But he did and he was. And he has caused heartache to his wife and children because he didn't have it in him to get through it. I'm just finding it difficult to have sympathy with this guy for some reason.

William said...

black genetlman

Or even 'gentleman' as it's usually known.

subrosa said...

Ah so you're a union man William.

'Didn't have it in him'. How dare you make such a statement? Of course as a union man you'll assume anything without knowing the facts.

I'm sure many of my readers, including myself, have been responsible for staff during their working lives. Do you know the latest employment law regarding an incident such as this?

What was it about the black man in your comment that you called him a gentleman? Or are you being overtly careful to call him a gentleman because you say he was black?

I reserve the word gentleman and gentlewoman for those I think are very deserving of the title. That's not to say yours was not of course.

Uncle Marvo said...


"so you're a union man, William"

No shit, Sherlock :-)

Uncle Marvo said...


I was sort of looking forward to continuing our conversation on that other post of Rosie's, last week. Do you want the URL again or am I not worth it?

subrosa said...

Ah Marvo, as you know I seldom assume anything. ;)

William said...

I dare to make that statement because his response to being suspended (and not fired) for making a flippant remark was to commit suicide. That would suggest a flaw somewhere. I don't think it's routine for people to end their lives over minor work disputes. Or is it? I've never known it.

I actually didn't know the gentleman at all. I only knew my colleague and the facts as they were presented to me. It didn't seem fair to assume that the black gentleman must have been in the wrong or unworthy of the title.

I see this story has been flagged up by Stormfront too. Haven't read it there. No doubt lots of beard rubbing and 'yeah, bang on' comments of the 'proof that Britain is in terminal decline' variety.

Billy said...

The half-wit here is William. So the guy might have had psychological problems, what might that have been - Stress or Depression. Hell of a lot of people in the country (and world) with these and similar.

Even if he wasn't suffering from any of that it only takes something as stupid as this farce to bring these on and bring someone down - I speak from personal experience.

I would hate to have William represent me at anything with his self-rightious drivel.

Uncle Marvo said...

I represent myself.

Nobody else does.

William said...

"Even if he wasn't suffering from any of that it only takes something as stupid as this farce to bring these on and bring someone down"

Does it?

It seems inappropriate to suggest that the complainant is somehow responsible for this. The complainant couldn't possibly have known that Roy Amor would kill himself if someone made a complaint about him. No-one could have known this.

Roy Amor's death is a tragedy but, ultimately, he is the only one responsible for it.

I think to use his death as a cover to try and roll back the progress made in racial equality in society is distasteful. But this is the Daily Mail we're talking about - 'Hurrah for the Blackshirts' and all that.

Uncle Marvo said...

"roll back the progress made in racial equality"

Er, what?

Have a read of this.

Equality can't be done jackboot-style.

Labour don't do choice, they do force.

William said...

Equality can't be done jackboot-style.

I'm afraid your idea of laissez-faire social integration is a nice one but not borne out by history. The idea that everyone would get along if only these damned laws weren't here won't carry much weight in Rwanda, Bosnia or with our great friends in Germany.

Of course, Britain is not about to descend into a genocidal civil war. Of course not. And, yes, it is mildly irritating to be confronted with loud 'Some people are gay' posters and other such cultural harassment. However, I don't see that being asked to tone down your assumptions or opinions about other people in society is a gross breach of your rights. Other people have rights, too.

We don't know what Opcare would have done, if anything. The sad thing is that Roy Amor doesn't know either.

subrosa said...

William may well become a 'victim' of a mental health issue Billy, he just hasn't been so far. Perhaps nothing major has happened in his life.

subrosa said...

Me too Marvo, but I've seen union personnel destroy folks jobs just as much as they've saved them. That's when I decided, if needed, I would represent myself.

subrosa said...

It's no more inappropriate to suggest that than for you to suggest that Mr Amor was mentally ill William.

Roll back progress? Were at a point now where even my English friends are afraid to mock my accent. That's how pathetic it is.

subrosa said...

Thanks for the link Marvo.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

I don't think anybody on this blog knows enough about Mr Amor to pass judgement on him or his actions.

Insanity is easily diagnosed while sanity is almost impossible to prove.

subrosa said...

I don't live in any of these countries William, I live in Scotland which is presently part of the UK.

You didn't read the article do you? Opcare emailed him in the morning so Roy Amor knew what was going on.

Jings William, I wouldn't like you in my team. You assume far too much.

subrosa said...

Exactly RA. Until the whole story is recorded and made public then we cannot assume anything.

That doesn't alter my sympathy for Mr Amor and his family.

William said...

"Opcare emailed him in the morning so Roy Amor knew what was going on."

Emailed him to say what?

"It's no more inappropriate to suggest that than for you to suggest that Mr Amor was mentally ill William."

Er, he did commit suicide or have you forgotten that in your hysteria?

Suicide and good mental health tend not to go together.

"Were at a point now where even my English friends are afraid to mock my accent."

How terrible for you. As has been quite brilliantly argued, even 'the black' in our story didn't mind the joke.

It truly is Political Correctness Gone Mad.

Uncle Marvo said...


Hi again

My laissez-faire attitude is indeed not borne out by history. That is because it hasn't been tried yet, apart from in countries such as Rwanda and Bosnia, where ethnic cleansing is the norm.

My objection to the jackboot technique, however, is.


subrosa said...

William, read the article.

There's no need to be insulting by calling me hysterical. I don't do hysterical.

You support the present politically correct world. I don't. We have gone too far.

William said...

What happened in Rwanda and Bosnia was 'normal', in your view? Or they were uncivilized peoples - unlike yourself - and such savage behaviour should be expected?

I don't think there is any inalienable right to buy gollliwog jam jars but I'll check.

I think the extension of tolerance to all members of society regardless of race, colour and creed is one of the marks of civilization. I consider the fact you view it as simply a persecution of yourself is, well, illuminating.

William said...

William, read the article.


Five days later, after he received an email about the incident from his employers,

It doesn't say what was in the email.

You support the present politically correct world.

I prefer that world rather than the world which the Daily Mail and the Sun would like to create.

When these newspapers carry this story, do you think they do so because they weep at the senseless death of Mr Amor or because The Sun wants to go back to the days when it can print cartoons with the hilarious caption 'now the pigs object to being called Arabs' and striking coal-miners can be called 'SCUM OF THE EARTH'?

I know which theory I believe.

Uncle Marvo said...


What happened in Rwanda and Bosnia and before that Yugoslavia, and before that in most of the Southern US, and most of the UK, and in many other places was not what I'd like to call normal, but *IS* what I'd call expected.

There is no inalienable right to buy Golliwog jars, nor badges, but it is seen as UnPC so has gone underground, which is just ridiculous.

The extension of tolerance to all people regardless of race, creed or colour is one of the marks of civilisation. This is because they can't help their race, creed or colour. They can also not help the sexuality, nor the length of their noses.

Agreed? Your answer is important to me, as you are clearly an intelligent man.

I do not see it as a persecution of myself. There are a few particular things which I *DO* see as a persecution of myself, and these will become more than illuminating, in due course. More "enlightening". As in Hiroshima.

nicola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
subrosa said...

Nicola, email me if you want to. It's All in confidence.

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