Monday, 8 June 2015

Charles Kennedy

The premature sudden death of Charles Kennedy last week exposed the hypocrisy of many of his colleagues. Some of the most effusive remarks came from the mouths of those ‘colleagues' who were determined to remove him as leader of his party several years ago.  

By all accounts Charles Kennedy was a well respected politician who was treated very shabbily by some of his colleagues.  Although I’ve always thought the LibDem Lembit Öpik was rather foolish, his article in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday has more than a ring of truth about it.

Rest in Peace Mr Kennedy.


JRB said...

De mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est

Requiescat in pace

Joe Public said...

Politicians are hypocrites.

'Not the Nine O'Clock News - Politicians' adroitly & perfectly summed up the situation:

Can only find a version with English soundtrack but Finnish subtitles.

Demetrius said...

He got it right about Iraq and a few other things. Also, having taken the Lib Dems forward he was right about the risks of entering the Coalition. Politics is the poorer for his loss.

subrosa said...

Thanks JRB.

subrosa said...

It does Joe. Remember seeing that clip when it was broadcast. Many moons ago now.

subrosa said...

Must agree Demetrius. There didn’t seem to be much ‘side’ to him which was unusual these days in the political world.

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