Monday, 23 February 2015

Corrupt Politicians? You Bet!

Courtesy of the Telegraph, we can remind ourselves how our political masters work for us; or in this case works for himself.

Jack Straw has been caught in the act too. His salary isn’t enough for him either so he charges £5,000 a day for his services.

Will this corruption ever stop?  Of course not. We’ll hear the usual response of ‘suspended’ and ‘disgraceful’ but that will come from those who will be very relieved it wasn’t them in the frame.


Dioclese said...

Well, it doesn't surprise me that's for sure!

I always thought Rifkind was a bit dodgy, but I thought Straw had a few principles and might be a bit better than this - despite the fact that his son is a twat.

JRB said...

Yet again we find our politicians and leaders drawn to an easy opportunity to make some filthy lucre on the side.

Oh, they will no doubt claim that they are sweet innocents who are/were operating within the rules.

If that be the case, then it is long past time that the rules were changed – in future - any MP during their period in office, should be prohibited from taking on any employment, administrative, executive or advisory role where any financial consideration is involved.
Any deviation would be a breech of their terms and conditions of contract as an MP resulting in immediate dismissal with loss of all titles, privileges and position.

A little Draconian perhaps, but our MPs have clearly demonstrated, yet again, that they simply cannot be trusted to do what is right by the electorate as they appear to have no functioning moral compass.

kailyard rules said...

Dioclese,Straw is a war criminal.

Joe Public said...

No wonder there are so many candidates to become an MP. It's not for the salary, it's for the perks.

Some make more money from moonlighting, than their day job.

Paul Homewood lists MP Charles Hendry's sidelines:

"So in total, Hendry has received £148,500 from these outside interests in the last year or so."

JRB said...

So now Rifkind is stepping down as chair of security committee, and like Straw he too will be standing down at the forthcoming election.

… but do not think for one minute that this is an end to the mater. This little episode represents but the merest tip of a very unpleasant iceberg.

To view that iceberg and see just how much our MPs rake in from their outside interests visit –

- be warned reading this may raise your blood pressure to dangerous heights and destroy any remaining faith you may have held in our MPs

Dioclese said...

Off topic, but wondered if you have any comments as to whether Labour is attacking the SNP up there they way they are all attacking UKIP down here?

Project Fear rolls again?!?

subrosa said...

Neither of them has impressed me Dioclese. I heard Refkind speak some years ago - Dreadfully pompous.

subrosa said...

I’ve purposely left responding for a few days JRB in order to see the fallout.

Rekind gone. Silence from Straw. Interesting.

subrosa said...

Let’s not forget everything they eat or use is paid for by joe public Joe.

It’s the only job in the country that requires no qualifications and offers such a salary.

subrosa said...

Thank you for the link JRB. Also thank you for the warning regarding my blood pressure.

subrosa said...

Oh yes Dioclese, they attack the SNP every minute of every day. Their tactics are becoming more and more pathetic.

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