Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Biase Goes On

As for the Orange Order, words fail me. One of my hopes in an independent Scotland is that this organisation is no longer permitted to close down city streets in order to peddle their religious bigotry.  

Note:  Paul Mason, who produced this video, is the former economics editor of the BBC who now works for Channel 4.


Alice Moore said...

If this is what the BBC is prepared to do right under our nose, what else have they been misreporting?

CrazyDaisy said...

Out in Edinburgh last night - they were very intimidating & spoiling for a square go, we went to the more expensive side of town - safe!


p.s. Thx for your kind support Madame x

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Hi Rosa, long time no posted.

I had to go to work at Cockburn St on Saturday morning.
There was no way I was going to take my YES badge for those...people.
Crossing Market St in a space in the march I was called all sorts of things...

A cheery grin and a thumb under my lapel was the only answer I felt safe enough to give.

In MY city. Still beeling.

Dioclese said...

One way or the other, I bet you folk up there will all be glad when Friday comes...

subrosa said...

Alice they have been misreporting for as long as I can remember, or of course giving the pro-independence side no air time at all.

subrosa said...

I heard it was unsavoury in parts of Edinburgh Daisy. You made a good choice.

My support is always there. x

subrosa said...

Hi Conan. Aye I’m got myself involved in doing a blog for a young singer and that takes time, but I don’t forget about this one.

I’m fairly sure the OO did nothing for the No campaign though. Have had a few rude gestures from folk when they or I pass in the car. I just give a big grin and a thumbs up. :D

JimS said...

Wow terrible bias, Rita Chakrabartri isn't wearing a 'Yes' badge and the 'Yes' campaign is only given the same time as the 'No' campaign within one tenth of a second. Anyone might think the BBC editors used a stopwatch too!
The closing report uses 'negative' (a pejorative term) to report the banks' comments, (made by professionals), and immediately counters it. Some bias.
In the meantime, other news not reported in Scotland: A pack of numpties practice a song made up in the 1960's, (famous socialist Clare Short once said, 'we thought in the 60's singing songs would change things, it didn't'), about made up events in 1314, (a good 400 years BEFORE the union). They plan to do repeat events when, inevitably, Scotland fails to qualify for the World Cup and outside the benefit offices as eastern Europeans take up the 'non-existent' work in Scotland. Later events will include protesting outside universities as rich English people take up 'their' places. Elsewhere other numpties sing their songs based on events taking place in 1690, which show some sort of historical advancement.
Elsewhere in the world potential investors and lenders ponder the Scotch Mist Myth of the canny, prudent Scot and wonder at the rise of the bonkers, bingo-playing, benefit claiming, buckfast-downing, bail-outs clogging the streets.
Breaking News: Queen dares to suggest that Scots should 'think hard'. Alex Salmond says thinking is NOT required, just put a cross, just like the saltire you numpties! Others accuse her of using negative language like 'hard'.

Nessimmersion said...

Jim S wins the thread.
Looks like dogwhistle time in claiming bias

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