Monday, 15 September 2014

Glasgow Welcomes London MPs

No doubt you know London MPs were instructed to visit Scotland.  This wonderful video was taken by a Yes supporter who, driving a rickshaw, made a great effort to welcome our Imperial masters as they walked along Buchanan Street, Glasgow.

Don’t they all seem excited to in Scotland?


JimS said...

Yet another convincing video!

Representatives of a parliament led by a Scot, over-represented by people living in Scotland (69,000 electors per MP in Scotland v 75,000 in England), greeted by a moron on a trike, so idle that he needs someone else to pedal it for him! Sit back and let someone else do the work! Way to go brave New Scotland!

Ikke forvent at jeg skal passe på deg .

JRB said...

For those MPs from sunny Westminster ordered north – a trip to Glasgow must be the equivalent of a trip to a Siberian gulag.

Vi ville ikke spørre deg - vi skal klare helt fint takket.

Nessimmersion said...

For one of the funniest comments on the whole thing visit "Harrys place" ( a good internationally minded left wing site) 'Nothing screams freedom quite like a millionaire Australian antisemite on horseback"

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