Friday, 12 September 2014

Nick Robinson’s Lies

Nick Robinson of the BBC accused Alex Salmond of not answering his questions on the BBC News yesterday.

His video was certainly cut to suit his agenda.

The above is Alex Salmond’s lengthy response to his questions. Usually I hesitate to call people liars, but Robinson so blatantly lied on several BBC news broadcasts yesterday, he deserves the description.


footdee said...

well said Rosa

Demetrius said...

The BBC's coverage has been quite barmy by any standard. As for the future nobody can "know" what will give by 2020 because there is far too much going on out there in the world that impacts on the Atlantic Isles and is out of our control or even influence. What matters is who is best to deal with rapid change, uncertainty and the many dangers arising.

Demetrius said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JRB said...

Sadly BBC journalists no longer simply report the News; they now try to manipulate or create the news.

An unfortunate trait which is more akin to that found in the baser elements of the tabloid press or the National Enquirer.

Unknown said...

I for one will not be paying my licence when it's due after this Nick Robinsons lying report. the BBC have treated us like mushrooms for years. They only want you to believe what they report. Most of the time it's propoganda. We need a broadcasting system that tells us the truth......BBC are botton of the league.......foxtrot oscar

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