Wednesday, 29 May 2013

We Must Keep Out Of Syria

William Hague spent the Bank Holiday at an EU meeting in Brussels, desperate to persuade his EU colleagues they should not renew their arms embargo against Syria because he wants to be able to ship weapons to the anti-Assad rebels. The EU voted to halt the embargo on weapons deliveries to the Syrian opposition much to Hague's delight.

What is it about recent British governments that they have such a desire to stick their noses into other people's business?

Oxfam has warned of 'devastating consequences' if more arms are sent to Syria and the civil war will escalate into an arms race.

Although the Foreign Secretary says there are no immediate plans to send weapons to Syrian rebels he forgot to mention that the lifting of the arms embargo had conditions attached; one being that no arms could be sent until after 1 August.

Who are the 'rebels'?  It's difficult to say because they are composed of many different factions.  

Of course America is involved too. Last week a bill, authorising the direct arming of Syrian rebels, was passed in Senate committee. For more than a year, the CIA has been facilitating the delivery of arms from countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Syrian rebel groups, although the US administration has stopped short of a decision to arm the rebels directly. This latest US bill is aimed at pushing Obama in that direction.

Somehow I can't rid myself of the thought that Hague was only carrying out Obama's instructions by lobbying the EU this past weekend. As Paul Rand states: "How it will blow back at America in the future is not yet known."

The West is now experiencing the blow back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Our involvement two years ago in Libya has not resulted in the democratic New Libya David Cameron promised.

Even if diplomatic efforts fail and the war goes on in Syria, I can think of no reason whatsoever for David Cameron to lead Britain into another country-saving crusade. The Red Cross and Oxfam need financial aid in order to assist refugees. That's where our money should be going and not on weapons. 


English Pensioner said...

Exactly what I've been saying in my own blog. I think that power has gone to Hague's head. The only aid we should give is humanitarian aid to help the refugees in Turkey and Jordan.
Who would we give arms to anyway? Some of the rebels are Islamic extremists and would happily turn the weapons against us given half a chance.

JRB said...

Oh God !
How I despair of our politicians.

Where does this belligerent streak in ministers’ psyche come from?
Are dark trans-Atlantic forces at work coercing our British government into such inappropriate action?

No sooner had the EU’s sound bite on the dropping of the arms embargo been made, when Russia stepped in and promised to send more and more sophisticated munitions, including S300 anti-aircraft missiles, to Assad’s regime.

Now Israel is involved as she sees this as a direct threat to herself and to the region. As her defence minister said quite clearly “As far as we are concerned, that is a threat. If God forbid they do reach Syria, we will know what to do.”

At a stroke Mr. Hague has managed to antagonise his fellow European ministers, with the exception of France; he has severely angered the Russians and forced them to up the arms stakes; aggravated an already horrendous civil war; completely destabilised the entire region; he has managed to drag Israel into an ever escalating scenario.
… and all the while dividing public support for his policies at home.

Not a bad weekend’s work Mr Hague.

Anon said...

The SNP voted for the No Fly Zone over Libya. Will they also vote to destroy Syria?

We should all withdraw support from the politicians and the military.

- Aangirfan

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Yes, we must, I agree.

We will only unlead the Islamists yet again.

Do we never learn?

Quite apart from the fact that it's simply none of our business.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Erm, unLEASH.


subrosa said...

I'm slow this week EP. Blaming it on acupuncture. We agree.

Joe Public said...

Giving arms to any Muslim force guarantees at least some of them will be used against our Troops somewhere sometime.

I suggest we send Hague out there for a 3-month Fact Finding Tour.

subrosa said...

Yes indeed JRB, I saw that on RT yesterday. Speak about escalating a problem with speed.

subrosa said...

As far as I know they've been very quiet on this Anon.

subrosa said...

Very true WY but we never learn. I don't know how much more the military can take really.

subrosa said...

Now there's an idea Joe.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you.

In response to the USA and UK ramping up things by supplying arms to the rebels now Russia has also said it will supply advanced anti-aircraft missiles to the Assad regime.

This has all the hallmarks of another great British foreign policy disaster in the making.

subrosa said...

M, I think disaster is too soft a word maybe.

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