Friday, 23 March 2012

The Collapse Of US Moral Authority

Video courtesy of Moridura


RMcGeddon said...

Usual biased rubbish from the BBC.
Karzai 'can't afford to buy tea for the office'. Aye right.

Afghan soldiers not sure whether to trust 'kaffir' coalition troops.
No mention of coalition troops being murdered by Afghan soldiers after joint patrols.

It's a constant puzzle to me why people ever watch the BBC. Their ideology means you only ever get one half of the story and have to search for the alternative viewpoint. Far easier not to bother with them at all.

The BBC has a fixed view of how the world works and any opposing views are just ignored.

subrosa said...

I very seldom watch the BBC RM although I record Newsnicht every night then fast forward most of it. :)

RMcGeddon said...

Newsnicht ? Ouch lol Same problem there with a pre planned agenda that's tailored to their ideology. Attack the SNP and preserve the Union.
It's interesting with their SNP agenda though because they actually support most of the SNP policies. Global warming scams, the EU, multiculturalism, big govt, smoking and drinking and eating controls, a database and surveillance society.
This forces them into contortions trying to avoid mentioning the various 'green' initiatives of the SNP ( Gamesa 'investment' etc).
Why couldn't the SNP just give up on this independence thingymajig and everything would be hunky dory.
I wonder how they will tackle the minimum pricing for alcohol. Labour in Scotland oppose it but Labour in England support it.
And I see the breweries are going to the EU courts to throw it out.
One to watch after the SNP claims that it was all perfectly legal and they have their secret report from lawyers about it or something.

Anon said...

"The ... Parliament delegation investigating the Kandahar shootings by US troops said besides killing 16 civilians, the soldiers sexually assaulted them.

"On the ill-fated Sunday, US troops shot 16 civilians, including nine children and three women, and injured five others when they opened fire on houses in Zangabad village, in Panjwai district.

"Some of the victims’ bodies were later set on fire.

"Shakiba Hashami, a delegation member, confirmed the vicious attack, adding about 15 to 20 American soldiers were involved in the killings and even helicopters were seen hovering the areas.


The Phoenix programme included the organised killing of 504 Vietnamese women and children at Mai Lai. It was official policy; not an accident.

subrosa said...

Don't get me started on minimum pricing RM!

subrosa said...

Anon, you're not the first to suggest one person couldn't have undertaken that by themselves, yet one person has now been charged.

Thank you for the link. Always good to receive more information.

monoi said...

I do not think there is a better source of info than this blog on Afghanistan

subrosa said...

Thank you for that link monoi. I do read Michael's blog regularly.

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