Thursday, 15 December 2011

Time For Edinburgh To Stride The Forth

Tedious Trantrums post yesterday certainly created some unusual comments.  I do find that the decision of Edinburgh councillors to stop a hovercraft service between Fife and the central belt (in this case Edinburgh) is unfortunate - to say the least - for Edinburgh, Fife and Scotland.

The reason the councillors opposed it was the situation of the landing point near Scotland's capital was not appropriate; however TT ridiculed that argument in a sentence or two and quite rightly.

The discussion on the post was lively and TT came up with the idea above.

I wonder how much discussion the Forth Estuary Forum had with the councillors. For some years I had considerable contract with this organisation and they were intent upon the river being used responsibly by all. They would have been first inline to object to the river being used inappropriately.

How many people in Edinburgh are regretting giving their vote to specific councillors?  It seems Edinburgh, like many large cities, has councillors who manage to get elected by guile rather than substance. They seem hell bent upon destroying the capital rather than working for it. I won't mention trams.

If those who work in the City Chambers had any sense they would look at the above video and think it was time they renewed their contact with Brian Souter because he's the one who has the knowledge to make a hovercraft initiative a success.

But somehow I think they'll keep their ignorance and bias intact.


pa_broon74 said...


If was to throw my hat in the ring for a councillorship on a hover-tram platform?


Oh well.


PS: One wonders if the methods by which councillors in Edinburgh are elected is similar to how those in Glasgow do. I don't think I've ever voted in a local council election.

JRB said...

Am not a big fan of local authorities, and Edinburgh has certainly shown in the past that it is not without fault …
… on this occasion I feel you are being a little unkind on Edinburgh councillors.

Mr Souter and Stagecoach would only consider “re-appraising” the business case for a hovercraft linking Portobello and Kirkcaldy if they were first guaranteed planning permission for facilities at both ends.

That planning request grew and grew with time –
a hovercraft slipway -
then a hovercraft slipway and pedestrian ramp -
then a hovercraft slipway, pedestrian ramp and bus & car park -
then a hovercraft slipway, pedestrian ramp, bus & car park, and a passenger waiting room

Now that this application has been rejected, is Mr Souter and Stagecoach going to appeal or re-apply.
All Mr Souter had to say was – “We are completely scunnered and have no intention of appealing against the planning decision.”
Not the response one would expect from a fully committed businessman – and perhaps, just perhaps, the Edinburgh councillors saw that lack of serious commitment in the original application.

Furor Teutonicus said...

I see no ducks in that video.

I DO, however, see a D.U.K.W.

Do they mean that by any chance?

subrosa said...

Unkind to Edinburgh councillors JRB? I thought I was being realistic.

Now, my information could be wrong I agree, but I was told much of what you outline was requested by Edinburgh council and then Souter said, in order to fulfil there requirements, the subsidy would need to be increased. They balked at that.

The reason Souter appears scunnered and refuses to appeal is because he knows he has other parties interested perhaps?

subrosa said...

I think it's a play on words don't you Furor? ;)

subrosa said...

Why not you pa_broon? Aren't you power crazy enough then?

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

Here in Portsmouth of course we have a very successful hovercraft service over to the Isle of Wight. In fact our Solent Express was the hovercraft used for the Firth of Forth Trial.

You'd think that a UK local authority would support a UK invention and support UK manufacturers, but unfortunately no.

From the objections raised about the proposed service, the area the Hovercraft was to operate in is some sort of Wildlife/Nature Reserve or Area of Special Scientific Interest?

It amazes me those yellow Ducks (DUKWs)are still in regular service considering they were built in World War Two.

By the way if the Ducks aren't big enough, in Portsmouth Pound's scrapyard in Tipner has two huge BARC amphibious vehicles (several times the size of the DUKWs) going spare.

subrosa said...

Hi Del. Aye, I remember it was from Portsmouth the trial craft. Unfortunately I didn't get a hurl in it up here because I was working, but I've had a hurl from Portsmouth to Isle of Wight a few times in the past.

Yes, such a shame they won't support British manufacturing.

The Forth Estuary Forum is there to protect the river. They do good work ensuring the balances are maintained. They had no objection to the river being used for the hovercraft service and they're the ones I thought who would put a spanner in the works.

These Ducks certainly look dated, but there are those who love being on rivers and their dual purpose makes them unique I suppose.

I don't think Edinburghers would take kindly to such vehicles invading their city. They'd clash with the posh trams which are still wrapped in packaging.

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