Thursday, 15 December 2011

Satire - But Will The Leader of France Understand it?

As matters continue to develop in Europe, with Angela Merkel behaving in a much more statesman-like manner than her colleague Nick Sarkozy, I thought the above may be one appropriate response to the Frenchman's diatribes regarding the Prime Minister.

His Grace does it so much better though.


Nikostratos said...



England leaves the EU just as Scotland votes for Independence and joining the Eurozone and adopts the Euro as the National currency.

now thats satire.

this is just sad

Grandsons school nativity play down at church today.
Daughter can only take one guest(husband working in Germany)

So suggests Nanny (me wife) helps to walk the children(one being me grandson) down to church and i go with daughter to church. Problem is need a disclosure only needs 24 hour notice they say.
as it turns out teacher has enough help.
so wife and daughter go to see play.

Daughter says why dont i sneak into church and watch grandson in his nativity play.

I says what i goes to church sneak in to watch children after my wife is supposed to get criminal record check before being able to walk with grandson (and other children from his class)down to church..

I dont think so.
Camera to take pics i wouldn't dare to.

went to gym and then met them at home.

took a days holiday from work to go to nativity play..

subrosa said...

Niko, the SG may still be talking up the EU but they're not convincing people.

That's a dreadful story. It shows just how little freedom we have in the UK.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Still think yours is the funnier, SR. May just have to nick that tomorrow, with a referring link of course.....

banned said...

Love the top one.

subrosa said...

Aye it is funny WfW. Bit of a set up I believe - similar to the saying about Italians and their record book.

subrosa said...

I laughed banned. I'll possibly be labelled a bigot now we have this new legislation.

Apogee said...

Hi Niko,have to agree 100% with you,but I think as you put it , maybe another word starting with "s" could be even more applicable.
The second part is very sad indeed.

StillCurious said...

Living in France as an expat, I couldn't resist googling 'french military victories'

I found 1,200,000 results

subrosa said...

Oiseau, the image was satire set up by someone a few years ago.

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