Friday, 9 December 2011

Farage On Cameron's Actions


Jockdownsouth said...

Thanks SR. I had hitherto looked in vain on BBC and Sky for some input from Mr Farage. As always, he spoke succinctly and logically. I also saw a good interview with David Davies on Sky. It's a pity that in general the mainstream media (and wee Doogie Alexander) seem to regard the fact that Cameron's at last grown a pair as being a disaster. I agree with Terry Smith, CEO of City broking firm Tullets - "The UK is as isolated as somebody who refused to join the Titanic just before it sailed".

William said...

Wise words from Farage.

Contrast this with the views of the SNP's Alyn Smith who said it was a disaster for Scotland and that Scotland needs to be part of the doomed Eurozone. Clearly the Nationalists hatred of the UK is such that they're willing to sacrifice the Scottish people in their lunacy.

Hamish said...

I agree with Jockdownsouth that Farage is an exceptional politician in being willing and able to listen to a question and then answer it directly.
On that, I would put him on a par with Alex Salmond.

Sometimes on this blog I worry thet we may all be singing from the same hymn-sheet. It's good to have a discordant note from William.
But I find it difficult to believe that any SNP representative said "it was a disaster for Scotland and that Scotland needs to be part of the doomed Eurozone".
Could you provide a link for that William?
And would you accept that your last sentence is a gross slur on the movement for Scottish independence?

subrosa said...

Glad to be of help Jock. :)

I'm not quite sure about Cameron's actions yet. Will have to do some more reading.

subrosa said...

William, haven't read what Alyn Smith said but you know my views on the EU by now surely.

The SNP need to review their EU policy asap.

subrosa said...

Jings, I hope this isn't a mini Newsnet Hamish. :) That's not the purpose.

I do welcome William and anyone else who disagrees with what I write. After all, it's important to hear all points of view.

BrianSJ said... has Max Keiser saying that Cameron has committed political suicide and the consequences for the UK economy will be dire.

Jockdownsouth said...

BrianSJ 09:26 -
I regularly dip in to RT on Sky 512 to get some balance from the BBC propaganda, but that doesn't mean to say that everything they say is true. The first few comments on Max Keiser's piece aren't exactly complimentary.

Jockdownsouth said...

In fact I've just seen an interview on RT with a Dutch economics professor who said he thinks Cameron did the right thing because the proposed solution of financial penalties being imposed on already impoverished Eurozone members will just make matters worse. As Ian Hislop said on Have I Got News For You - "if a big hole in the ground opens up is it better to be in the middle or at the edge?"

subrosa said...

Brian, I'm sitting on the fence at the moment but reading all opinions.

Mind you, thinking Cameron is a hero of some kind is perhaps fantasy.

subrosa said...

If you read EURef Jock there is no treaty to sign, it's just proposals.

But what Ian Hislop says is right.

Observer said...

We are better being inside the tent looking out,than outside the tent looking in. Cameron has gone further than even Margaret Thatcher in opposing the EU. Thatcher fought with them all the time, but said that we need to be in the same room. Cameron is now in the outside toilet. He has taken this line I believe to pacify his back-benchers, but will do enormous damage to Britain in the process. It's 26 to 1. Those odds aren't good. 40% of our market is in the EU. This is very very bad.

Observer said...

Jockdownsouth - there are good reasons for opposing Merkel & Sarkozy, not least because it will lock Europe into a prolonged recession. That wasn't the argument that Cameron was making. Also there is the historical position that Britain has always taken (& this is a British thing) that they oppose any hegemony in Europe - but Cameron has now opted out of opposing the French/German hegemony in Europe. He has left us without any say. He did that to protect the interests of banksters in the City - but that isn't going to work. It is in Britain's interests for the Eurozone to work - it will knock 7% off British GDP it it doesn't & that came from George Osborne. By all means let's have a think about Britain's position in the EU & what the EU is all about. But not in the middle of a crisis.

subrosa said...

I don't think we're outside the tent Observer and that's because there was no treaty, or treaty within a treaty. It was a proposal from the Merkozy and Cameron wasn't interested. Nothing was signed. There was nothing to sign.

It's all grandstanding between France and Germany. Don't forget, Sarkozy has an election next year and he was desperate to embarrass the UK. He doesn't like Britain. Cameron gave him plenty ammunition recently and that was foolish.

I think the 40% figure is a myth. Was looking for a link which mentioned 20% of it was exports to Rotterdam which then shipped it out around the world.

Being in the tent hasn't helped Scotland's fishing industry has it? A skeleton of what it was 40 years ago.

But was Cameron clever or stupid? Only time will tell but I doubt if he had any option.

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