Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Laughing All The Way To the Bank

What do 220 former MPs have in common other than life-long membership to the subsidised restaurants and bars in the Palace of Westminster?

Answer:  They applied for Resettlement Grants.

Thanks to Lobbydog the names and numbers are now public.  For some time he's chipped away at the unnecessary barriers erected in order to acquire the information and his persistence has paid off.

Those members who were not paid the Grant - although it is not stated if an application was made and refused - were:

  • David Chaytor
  • Jim Devine
  • Elliot Morley
  • Harry Cohen
  • Rudi Vis
In the past there has been criticism of Alex Salmond for accepting the grant for his 23 years of service. He has stated he will be giving the bulk to the Trust he set up in 2007 in memory of his mother.

Isn't it strange the likes of Michael Ancram, John Reed, Mohammed Sarwar, John Prescott, Ann and Nicholas Winterton and other self-confessed millionaires have been silent about this ludicrous windfall?  Perhaps they're still hoarse from laughing all the way to the bank.


Joe Public said...

Any MP who fiddled & then had to repay any expenses, should have been banned from claiming the Resettlement Grant.

Nikostratos said...


So Alex Salmond claimed the Resettlement Grant

The Resettlement Grant is intended to assist Members in "adjusting to non-parliamentary life"

The SSRB recommended that Resettlement Grant eligibility be restricted to Members defeated at a General Election and those whose seats are abolished by boundary changes

And then contrary to the legal and proper usage placed some in trust (which is not what the money is legally intended for)and the rest he trousered for him self no different to others which the Nationalists slag of to their hearts content.

subrosa said...

Well said Joe but they didn't like that idea so it never happened. Shows the respect they have for taxpayers.

subrosa said...

Niko, I've said about Alex Salmond. Why haven't you decided to mention some of the Labour millionaires? There are dozens to chose from after all.

Are you saying none of them 'trousered' their cheerio?

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