Monday, 4 April 2011

I don't ruddy well believe it!

Such Short memories Scots have.

You dumped this cretin and his mates on us poor sods down South,  notwithstanding this awfulness and now I learn you are embracing Gray as though he's your Scottish Messiah. Dwarf Marr couldn't hide the BBC's glee at this resurgence and are salivating over this new renaissance. I now long for Scottish Independence, if only to stop more Snotty like cuckoo activity back down here.

You might hate the Cobbleition as much as I do but I never lose sight of the tingle of joy that Labours' humiliation last May brought. Still if it's what you want then so be it. Just remember how bad they were when unfettered at Westminster!



Conan the Librarian™ said...

"I learn you are embracing Gray as though he's your Scottish Messiah."

Hehehe. Did you learn this at the BBC by any chance?

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Whoops of course you did.

nominedeus said...

Damn the EU and its open borders policy!

Clarinda said...

A word of warning from yesterday's Telegraph on Sunday (Janet Daley)re - Ed Miliband - it is even more relevant to the hypocrisy and vitriol against the SNP their policies and Scotland's best interests:-

"Of course, there is still a formidable Labour political machine to contend with: the one Blairite gospel the party has not discarded is that of Instant Rebuttal. Repudiate and reject everything your opponents say, even if you have to contradict yourself and tell breathtaking lies. Voters don't listen that carefully. Never apologise for what you did in office: it just reminds people of why they hated you. It might just work, against all the odds."


pa_broon74 said...

To be fair.

We don't get much of a say in Scotland about who ends up in government in Westminster, it's not our fault.

That said, it seems a lot of people up this way are happy to sleep walk into what will essentially be an Ed Balls/Milliband proxy government more interested in bashing the coalition than doing its best for Scotland.

And finally, you should spend less time listening to what the BBC have to say about any form of politics that seems to threaten the union. The BBC (and much of the MSM) represents GB PLC but not its component parts.

Fnankly the idea of having Ed Balls anywhere near the levers of power anywhere at any time in any form is terrifying: the man is a goat!

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