Wednesday, 23 March 2011

RIP Dame Elizabeth

Elizabeth Taylor has died at the age of 79. She was idolised by many women of my age group; not only for her beauty but her acting ability.  Her relationship with Richard Burton was followed closely and was the talk of the steamie on many occasions, as were her subsequent marriages and divorces.

She suffered from various health problems over the years and was being treated, in Los Angeles, for symptoms of congestive heart failure.

Dame Elizabeth was a film star - there was nothing remotely 'celeb' about her. She was frighteningly glamorous and achieved a style of her own; a combination seldom seen these days.



WitteringsfromWitney said...

Indeed SR, RIP.

Perhaps, just for once, we can desist on muck-raking when someone well-known dies?

Sue said...

One of the greats. I love the Hollywood era!

Still, lots of Elizabeth Taylor movies to look forward to :)

McGonagall said...

It's the end of an era.

subrosa said...

Yes indeed WfW.

subrosa said...

I love it too Sue. There was grace and glamour, something we seldom see these days.

subrosa said...

Super link McGonagall, many thanks indeed.

wisnaeme said...

I remember going on a school trip to Edinburgh in the late "sixties" to see a film. Richard Burton and herself were in the leading roles. The film was called "The Taming of the Shrew". Much of it was beyond me at the time but none the less, I so enjoyed it.
...and I have been a fan ever since.

subrosa said...

I completely understand wisnaeme, The Taming of the Shrew confused me first and second time round - then I began to grasp the message.

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