Friday, 14 January 2011

Is Green Turning Yellow?

The floods in Australia have become a disaster similar to the floods which occurred in the same places back in 1974.

Toowoomba is built on a plateau.  At least 8 people were killed in the Toowoomba flash floods on Monday. A young journalist expressed his astonishment at the flooding there but floods in the south-east Queensland area are not uncommon.  This graph shows known floods in the Brisbane and Bremer River basin from 1848 to date.

As an aside, some years ago my local council addressed the issue of flooding in the town of Perth by spending millions on renewing flood defences. Yet home owners, who are stupid enough to buy property which is built on a flood plain, complained.  It is complicated.  The planning department allowed the building of homes on these plains and are now responsible so owners say.  Surely the purchasers of these properties looked into why the houses were so much cheaper than in other areas of the city.  But no, it was a sake of this modern attitude that every one of us, regardless of age or in many cases income, must own our homes and developers who insist that flood plains are safe, are believed over the common sense of the farmers and those who understand the land.

To date there have been at least 70 reported dead or missing in the Queensland disaster and resident Australians are beginning to point a finger at Australian's Environment Minister Peter Garratt who, in order to please the Green lobby, refused a planning application for a dam which would have helped protect from the floods.

Memory Vault states 'CO2 AGW madness has already taken hold'. Indeed.  The only people who care enough to prise their grip from their loaded coffers are the folk who they've denigrated in recent years.  That's the deniers.  Those of us who prefer to read widely and not accept the vast amount of propaganda messages which have been pumped into the public domain by others who have a self-interest in the CO2 scam.

AGW is unravelling.  The quicker the better - before the perpetrators are given carte blanche to bleed us dry with their 'green' taxes.

Prior to writing this most I spent some considerable time looking for comments -about our weather or that of Australia - from any of those experts who have been so assertive in their claims that the science is unequivocal.  I found none. I disregard the nonsense from the Met Office which has been well and truly scuppered by the likes of Piers Corbyn - people who don't rely on computers but nature.

The Green lobbies are silent.  They're perhaps quite content now that politicians are all for 'green taxes' - hidden taxes - no questions asked.  But of course there are other reasons for our ever-increasing energy bills.

This post is about the Australian floods but do realise in Brazil things are much worse, but owing to their political system it doesn't seem to matter.  What daffles me is that we spend more on overseas aid than any other country in the world yet it makes little or no difference to the vulnerable.

Shame on politicians world wide.  Do any of you know of a politician who is exposed to such disasters and has improved the lives of us voters?

I won't go into how candidates in any political party is selected, but more and more I'm thinking I would vote for an independent - as long as I agreed with around 50% of their policies.

Is green turning yellow?

Update:  An interesting article entitled 'Brisbane's Man Made Flood Peak.  Makes sense to me.


Conan the Librarian™ said...

I live on the top of a hill and I STILL got flooded!
Damn this global warming!

Jo G said...

You really couldn't make it up. That anyone could utter the sentence "It is safe to build on flood plains." without thinking about what they have just said is incredible.

Joe Public said...

Federal Environment Minister Mr Garrett said in a prescient statement when he rejected the proposal for the dam:

“For the Traveston Dam proposal, however, the species’ breeding and their ability to maintain their population numbers would be seriously affected by the flooding of their habitat ...."

To dam, or not to dam, that is the damn question.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

SR: I suppose one comment, obvious or not. To those who believe it is acceptable to build on floodplains, thus spreading a load of 'concrete' and not considering the resultant drainage problem?

One word suffices - Doh!

cynicalHighlander said...

ABC News 24

Raging Waters In Australia and Brazil Product of Global Warming

"Toowoomba is built on a plateau."

This is were the deaths occurred.
Lockyer Valley

The Lockyer Valley is area of rich farmlands that lies to the west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and east of Toowoomba

Joe Public said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joe Public said...

@ CH

"Raging Waters In Australia and Brazil Product of Global Warming"

Whilst awaiting the deluge of blame on AGW, I think I'll copyright the phrase 'Global Wetting'©

cynicalHighlander said...

Earth's Hot Past: Prologue to Future Climate?

Look on our atmosphere like boiling water the hotter it becomes the more turbulent the water.

subrosa said...

I think your problem was too much whilte global warming and not enough of the arid type Conan. :)

subrosa said...

But councils do let developers build on flood plains Jo. It goes on all the time and people actually buy these places.

subrosa said...

Dams don't just prevent flooding Joe, they can create energy. Of course it you want to protect wildlife they could introduce a system as they have in Pitlochry. And that's over 50 years old now -still going strong.

subrosa said...

Doh right enough WfW but follow the money. Building on flood plains is a no no here these days. People have become more informed.

subrosa said...

CH, many of the missing and dead were from around Toowoomba.

Latest news:

subrosa said...

I rather like that Joe. Global Wetting.

subrosa said...

I wonder, CH, if humans were responsible for the CO2 emissions 30-100 million years ago. Of course not. It's a natural occurrence. Taxing me to the point of poverty won't do a damned thing except make someone else very rich.

English Pensioner said...

Whilst I don't blame the Global Warming "experts" for the floods or indeed our snow, I do blame them for the consequences. It is very difficult for councils to refuse permission to build on flood plains if, as in Australia, they are told that massive droughts are going to be the norm for the next century and they need to spend money on water preservation. And here, what English council or business would spend money on new snow clearance equipment after the University of Global Warming aka University of East Anglia announced that English children are unlikely ever to see snow again in their own country?

subrosa said...

Neither do I blame them EP, but like you, I do think much could have been done to avoid the scale of the damage if the AGW fanatics hadn't been given so much credence.

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