Friday, 14 January 2011

Gail Sheridan to Throw Her Hat into the Ring

Gail Sheridan, the wife of Tommy Sheridan, is to stand for election as an MSP when Scotland goes to the polls in May.

She is planning to run as a candidate for the party founded by her husband.

In some ways I'm not surprised Mrs Sheridan has decided to enter into frontline politics.  She already has experience from when she stood as the SSP candidate for Cardonald in 2003.

I wish her luck.  From a purely subjective angle the more she can eat into the labour vote the better.  George Galloway hasn't confirmed he will also stand but it was reported he believes he may only need 10,000 votes to get elected as an MSP on the Glasgow regional list.

Interesting times.



Weekend Yachtsman said...

I am just off to add the Sheridans to my list of people I never want to hear of, from, or about, for the rest of my life.

Nothing personal, SR!

Stuart Dickson said...

Hi Subrosa!

Sorry for going off topic (as usual), but glancing at the bookies' prices post-Oldham East, I cannot help but wondering if Swinney and Salmond might be wise to make darn sure the Budget Bill fails, and thereby precipitate an Extraordinary Scottish general election straight away. Waiting till May looks far too dangerous to me.

Here's the Bookies' best prices:

Holyrood GE - Most Seats?

Lab 1/4 (Paddy Power)
SNP 9/2 (Ladbrokes; although you can get a modest sum at 5/1 with Smarkets)
Any other 49/1 (Smarkets)
Con 100/1 (Ladbrokes)
LD 100/1 (Ladbrokes)

Note: Paddy Power also have a "Next First Minister" market:

Gray 1/3
Salmond 5/2
Goldie 50/1
Scott 50/1

subrosa said...

Don't shoot the messenger WY. :) I thought the news would interest some readers.

subrosa said...

Hi Stuart, no problem going off topic.

Strange you should say that but someone mentioned that to me last night. He should take a chance and just go for it because they're well organised.

Betting doesn't look good does it?

Oldrightie said...

Will she brand her party "The Swingers", do you think?

Strathturret said...

Methinks the Sheridan lustre is fading faster than a sunbed tan.

I gather George Galloway is none too pleased at Gails intervention.

I'm not too sure that the bookies odds say much about the Holywood vote. Many respected commentators are saying it will be close.

subrosa said...

Who knows OR, who knows.

subrosa said...

Maybe Strathturret but anything which upsets Labour's grip in Glasgow is ok with me. Haven't heard what my fellow Dundonian thinks yet but doubt if he will be pleased because the socialist vote will be split even more.

I'm sure it will be close too.

Alec said...

Gabbleway is none too pleased. Anything which splits the far left vote as surely as Ramon Mercader did Trotsky's skull the better.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

SR - definitely off topic.

But hearing on the news of the last Pope being beatified, it occurred to me that a similar award system could be modified for the great and good instead of the honours circus.

Perhaps a gong, as a token, could either accompany them on their final journey or be inserted in their headstones.Imagine the boost to their egos to be called Saint Foulkes, and to know the honour was eternal.

Could save a lot of money on ermine,chambers, expenses and allowances.

subrosa said...

Thanks for the link Alec. I hadn't read that but I'm not surprised wir George is narked, for the reasons you say.

subrosa said...

Oh RA, now that did make me smile. How I wish.:)

Alec said...

I rather think this is the trots' revenge against the Stalinist faction, Rosie.

I was tickled by his belief that the natural order was for him to take the lead. And his statement that giving Gail Sherbet the honour of being his Number Two would become a referendum on King Louis' (cf. King of the Swingers) trials and tribulations, followed by the insistance that the latter still was his friend and that he considered him innocent.

And he wonders why there wasn't 100% obedience?

Scotland, wha' like us? None, thank fuck.

Not my own observation here:

>> “I’m a Labour man and they’re more of a far-left crew”

“I’m a Labour man”?

“THEY” “are more of a far-left crew”?

Leftist Jocks, I never cease to be unimpressed by their intellect, no wonder the Romans had to build a wall to keep these barbarians out.

Glasgow circa 122 ad, sitting around some cow shit camp fire:

‘ock jimmy, ave yee herd the nooose, those imperialist basturds the Roman Zionists are goin ta bild a wurl, the Vallum Aelium they’re calling it, we need tae get down there and make sure it’s being built be union slaves and not those Roman Zionist baby murdering legionnaire imperialist puppets.’

‘Och aye angus, sounds suspicious tae me, we need to organize a boycott, thise Roman zionists and their English lapdogs are the only reason we are sitting around a cow shit camp fire waiting for the chips on our shoulders tae become our defining trait, but we will have to go down to England in a few weeks time and check it out, we don’t get our free English rabbit entitlement til next week and I already owe mine to the tally man, now pass the usquebaugh and get our clean skirts out, we officials of the scottish proto-socialsit movement will have to look nice in front of these Roman zionist Imperialist capitalists, we don’t want to look like barbarians, do we, comrade..’

subrosa said...

What a great post Alec and so true. I don't know what it is with lefties but they really do like to tear each other apart. Every time I hear the word brother or comrade, something inside of me shouts 'beware'.

Alec said...

The original is here:

subrosa said...

Thanks Alec. Funnily enough I read that not long after I read your comment, :)

Alec said...

Well, you can see where I get my Saucy wisdom.

subrosa said...

Indeed I can Alec and there's nothing like a bit of sauce is there. ;)

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