Friday, 14 January 2011

FMQs 13 January 2011

Munguin's Republic has this week's comments on yesterday's FMQs.  I've published the video for my overseas readers.


wisnaeme said...

Grey's performance was mince.
Is this the best an "aspiring" Westmidden branch office manager can perform?

Mr Grey may I suggest that yourself retreat to a soothing, small dark room. One which contains a telly and a "film" playback utility. Where yourself may view your performance on how not to conduct yourself in public. perhaps lessons may be learnt.

...and perhaps you might possibly see yourself as ithers see you
...and adjust yourself to a more "best value", fit for purpose whatever.

subrosa said...

Wasn't it terrible wisnaeme? He gets worse instead of better and he's still getting media lessons at our expense I believe.

I know school children who could perform better is such a situation.

wisnaeme said...

It was dismal, Subrosa. I have no doubt his Westmidden masters are of the same opinion if they have any sense of self presevation.
... and if they are not of that opinion then their coats as well as his hang on very shoogly pegs indeed.Even the most rabid, brain dead "Scottish" labour supporter must realies by now that all is not well within the comrade peoples partei. Despite "evidence" to the contrary in Oldham recently.Don't get me wrong, I do sincerely hope the labour party find their way back to their roots again in England and prosper. As for Scotland,well that's another matter.frankly I'd rather see a stand alone,made in Scotland, soft right Conservative party or it's equivalent become the official opposition to Wee Eck's team Scotland in the Scottish parliament. As for the Fib dems they've blown it big time.

subrosa said...

I've thought for some time that the Tories should reorganise here wisnaeme but they seem hell bent on destruction with their determination to be part of the London set. If they reorganised then had independence as a policy they'd rake in votes from this area anyway.

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