Monday, 27 September 2010

Pipped at the Post So What Now?

David Miliband is said to be considering his future this weekend.  His brother Ed, the new leader of the Labour Party, has said he can have any job he fancies in the new shadow government but David hasn't leapt at the opportunity to be shadow chancellor or any other high profile post.  Who would want their younger brother to be their boss?

Miliband Snr must be rueing the days when he had the chance to lead the Labour party because that opportunity has now gone.  Some of his supporters say he should have challenged Gordon Brown in 2007, but he dithered and then decided to let Brown have a free run.  Then there was the day his pal James Purnell quit the cabinet last summer.  Many thought then it was a perfect time for David Miliband to follow suit and, because Brown was hingin' by a tack ( translation: hanging by a nail) at the time, Miliband Snr may well have seized the keys to No 10.  Alas, he dithered once again.

There's rumour abound in the press this weekend that he may serve for a year or so, either in the cabinet of some other capacity, then he'll depart British politics.  Will he start touting his wares around his pals in the EU? Last year some European leaders thought he would be an ideal candidate for the post of EU foreign minister, but he decided against it and Cathy Ashton thought all her Christmases had come at once.  The reason given at the time was that he wanted to lead the Labour party.

Will he perhaps follow in the steps of his mentor, Tony Blair, and decided to look for a position in the US?  Hilary Clinton appeared quite fond of him and she's able to open many doors.

Regardless what I think of the Milibands, I must pay credit to the manner in which Miliband Snr conducted himself on Saturday.  Leading the labour party was his lifelong ambition and now he has to redefine his aims.  Not a bad thing for anyone to do once in a while and in David Miliband's case he can tap into a deep layer of those in high places who may be due him a favour or two.



PJH said...

"Miliband Snr must be rueing the days when he had the chance to lead the Labour party because that opportunity has now gone.",

When did their dad get the opportunity? Or did you mean Milliband major?


JRB said...

Ed or David?
David or Ed?

Im sorry, but the Millibands have about as much charisma as Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

They looked so exactly like a couple of great schoolboys, that Alice couldn't help pointing her finger at Tweedledum, and saying `First Boy!'

`Nohow!' Tweedledum cried out briskly, and shut his mouth up again with a snap.

`Next Boy!' said Alice, passing on to Tweedledee, though she felt quite certain he would only shout out `Contrariwise!' and so he did.
“Through The Looking Glass” – Lewis Carroll

subrosa said...

PJH, their father is long dead and that makes David Miliband the senior male member of the family does it not?

subrosa said...

Absolutely agree John. They're a product of this characterless society which has developed over the past 20+ years.

Anonymous said...

I once worked for my little brother for a short time betwen contracts.

But then I needed the money; I couldn't afford to be too fussy.

Clarinda said...

...and so the Labour unionist 'death wish' exhales more deeply.
No majority from his MPs, no majority from the local party branches - or at least he split them down the middle but was saved by the dinosaurs. Doesn't sound much like a recipe for happy families to me. Even our own jolly jester, Jim Murphy, says he voted for David. I wonder who Mr Gray supported - as he allegedly refuses to answer, I'm betting it wasn't Ed.
Not so much 'Ed the Red' I gather, but more

Apogee said...

Just looking at that photograph, and harking back to the time of Richard Nixon. Would you buy a used car from either of these men?

subrosa said...

I don't have a little brother but I imagine he would be a minature of the older one I do have. No, I'd sail my own yacht rather than put myself at the behest of family.

subrosa said...

For a moment there I thought you'd said Ed.con Clarinda.

I see Murphy's put his hat in the ring to be part of the shadow cabinet along with his pal Dougie. Let's see how they get on next week.

subrosa said...

Ah Apogee, the very thought that passed through my mind when I saw it. Good though isn't it? ;)

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