Monday, 27 September 2010

Downsizing Consul General Style

Average house price in Vaucluse is £2.1m

The plush residences of the Consul General in Sydney and Melbourne and the residence of the deputy consul general in Melbourne are to be put on the market next year.  Instead they will be expected to live in more modest city apartments as part of the plans to provide 'more for less' according to a spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Australian.

The three residences are all in the most expensive suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne.

The sales come after David Cameron indicated in July that he had palatial residences in his sights when it came to sweeping Foreign Office cuts.  At a Foreign Office meeting he told more than 200 ambassadors, high commissioners and senior officials that they could only justify their lavish residences if they worked to promote British business abroad.

Do you think Baroness Ashton will be putting in a bid for the Sydney pad with its swimming pool, two car garage and views of Sydney Harbour?  Perhaps its not quite exotic enough for her diplomats.



ukipwebmaster said...

The reason given by Dave is simply a cover for the EU embassies which will be springing up.

You might like this:

Anonymous said...

I don't see why we shouldn't share premises with other countries from our area of the world whether it be the EU or whatever.

These people live the lives of Reilly at our expense. Nothing is too good for them. Rolls Royces (German cars) are their mode of transport, and they take very seriously the idea that they are the representatives of the Queen not some upstart prime minister.

It's high time they were slapped down. Well done Cameron (and you'll not hear me say that very often!)

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Who will represent me as I have officially renounced the EU cizenship imposed on my when John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty.

I have written to Her Majesty, the Prime Minister and Home Secretary to inform them that as I was not consulted or asked about being classed as a European citizen, I therefore renounce this unwanted citizenship and henceforth EU laws would not apply to me.

This means that I cannot (not that I would want to anyway) use an EU imposed embassy as it does not represent me.

The closing of our embassies and consuls is Britain capitulating to the EU takeover of our country.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Beats me why we need all these embassies and things - after all, it's not like we are an independent country or anything.

subrosa said...

Ah so my suspicions were right ukipweb. Thought Cathy Ashton had something to do with it.

subrosa said...

Thanks for the link ukipweb. I'll save it for future reference as it's good.

subrosa said...

Don't think that's a good idea Tris. For me that's a few steps too far into integrating with other countries.

subrosa said...

Derek, I don't have the answer. Seems like you're going to be cut adrift. Any answers yourself?

subrosa said...

Weekend Yachtsman, they've saved some lives our embassies and can do some reasonable security work, but the EU has us now so there no need for them.

Anonymous said...

But SR we are not an independent country. The EU decides the home policy and America decides our Foreign policy and our wars and defence policy.

It's a lot of money keeping fatcats in rolls royces just to give the air of independence.

I'd rather keep pensioners in heat.

As I reflect we should really just send a little man to a box room soemwhere in the American embassies. That's the level we are at, what with Miliband lapping at mrs Clinton's skirts (well trousers) and Hague was only in the job 28 minutes before a plane was arranged for him to travel to Washington to take over where Milipede left off.

subrosa said...

I suppose it's wishful thinking on my part Tris, because of course you're right.

Just sad to see another part of our history succumb to the EU.

Anonymous said...

Actually SR, I think it's America that is the culprit more than the EU. I suspect that we are in and remain in the EU because it suits America.

The UK is America's mouthpiece in Brussels, the only really major world organisation in which the US doesn't have a say, besides China! After all, the population doesn't want to be in Europe. Neither of the big parties likes Europe, but they always sign up to everything, and they never try to extricate themselves from anything either, even if they criticised it whilst in opposition.

And they refuse to give us a referendum on staying in. Even Nick Clegg who wanted s referendum in opposition has suddenly become very quiet on the subject.

I think it's because the US president wants the UK there, and we all know they will do ANYTHING for the US president, good junior partners that they are.

Derek makes a good point and in a way I feel the same way about the current set up.

I'd hate to have to go to what is, to all intents and purposes, an English embassy, and talk to some English FO junior official....

... but if I were up to my ears in trouble in Equatorial Guinea or Paraguay or Laos, I'd swallow my pride. And I suspect that Derek would too.

subrosa said...

Good assessment Tris. Of course the US is our master as it's being proven over and over again. It's the UK who arrange for the heid bummers from the US government to speak in Brussels. Says it all.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Take off the tinfoil hats, people; Brussels doesn't care what our people say, never has and never will.

If Obama wants his voice heard in the EU he certainly won't involve the UK in any way.

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

The answer is for hundreds and thousdands to do as I and many others have done and renounce EU citizenship. This will put the Government in an awkward position especially when the press get hold of it.

subrosa said...

Hasn't he involved the Uk several times already Weekend Yachtsman. I have a faint recollection of a speech his deputy made there some time ago.

You're right though. We're being used as a stepping stone as always.

subrosa said...

Could you give me a link about that please Derek?

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