Thursday, 15 April 2010

An Interesting Article for my English Readers

In Our Kingdom this morning there is an article entitled 'But which of our political parties will offer a fair and just settlement for England?'

There are some comments which you may find well worth a read too.


Key bored warrior. said...

In the words of Iain Davidson in the Commons. "Who cares?"

William said...

England 529 MP'.s Scotland 59 MP's.

Yes, England needs a fair and just settlement from this tewwible oppression. And that's before you consider the enormous direct and indirect public subsidy of London and the huge economic benefits England derives from that.

What a shower of whining cry-babies the English have become.

subrosa said...

Now now KBW, without our English friends achieving independence will be harder.

subrosa said...

I don't think they are William. I think they have every right to want independence or for Scottish MPs not to interfere in purely English matters.

Radio Free Britain said...

Funnily enough I posted the same article myself yesterday, interesting read.

English idependence is the only way forward as the British model is broken and created a false identity.

Scotland will break away and it will be easier with English nationalist help. We need to work together to secure our identities and in that we need all the help we can get.

I hope you give Labour a hammering.

William said...

The English have such an overwhelming political, economic and financial advantage over the rest of the UK that I find the concept of 'independence' for them too bizarre to contemplate. Independence from whom? A handful of Scottish MP's?

The idea is just comical and surely nothing more than a refuge for crackpots.

hatfield girl said...

There are 59 members of parliament sitting for Scottish constituencies at Westminster. Most of them are Labour. Most of us wish they would go away and take the Labour majority with them, for ever, including the member for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath.

He refers to himself as North British when he's in America; the rest of the time we have to put up with his Britain this and Britain that... It's not so much the Scottishness, it's the Labourishness of them all we object to. They can go and be Labour in the Scottish parliament. I expect Scotland would be pleased to reorganise the UK federation more appropriately as well. But then Labour wouldn't be in power anywhere, unsurprisingly, and so they keep wrecking Scotland and England.

Radio Free Britain said...

Let us call it disolving the union then, you go your way and we will go ours.

If the people of Scotland want to go their own way, then why not. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for us.

I can remember when the SNP were regarded as crackpots, now they have power. The end.

subrosa said...

RFB, sorry I didn't read your post yesterday. It's been a busy week here.

Entirely agree we need to 'do our own things' yet still help each other. The Scandinavians do that well.

subrosa said...

Gordon Brown is ashamed he's Scottish because he thinks Scotland is immaterial in the global world HG. Indeed we would like to reorganise but it will be a younger generation than mine who make that decision.

subrosa said...

The problem is RFB, Scotland has been so dominated by Westminster for so long, it has lost confidence in itself. Only 33% of the people can see an independent future. The remainder think we need to cling onto Big Brother because he knows best.

Quiet_Man said...

William is clearly very unaware of how the UK parliamentary whip system works and how a small cabal can dominate a political party and use it for its own ends. He seems to forget that it is a UK parliament and they are UK politicians and UK parties, not English save only in the nationality of some.

In short William is ignorant of UK politics as it is played in England.

subrosa said...

William is a trade unionist QM. I think a Scottish trade unionist.

Key bored warrior. said...

I shall consider myself chastised. The problem we have is not from English people or their MPs, but from the Quisling Scots, one of which I mentioned. Look at their supine lickspittle knee bending to the Westminster establishment.

A wise old man in Orkney once told me a story which I always remembered, he was a gentleman and the caretaker of St Magnus Cathedral at the time.

In his youth he had worked on a farm in Perthshire which was owned as many were and still are by an English aristocrat. He had a cottage by the main gate and he said that he was wakened every morning by the clatter of tackety boots as the firghtened workers scrabbled and fought to open the gates for the Laird, wwhen he was living there in the summer. Iain Davidson and his ilk remind me of that story very much.

Remember the "feeble fifty," Labours spineless silent MPs who sat on their hands whilst Thatcher ripped the heart out of Scotland?

The only time they raised their voice in protest was when the Torys legislated to reorganise local government and scrap Strathclyde Region. Labours wery own Golden Goose in the West of Scotland. Donald Dewar and his supine gang lifted the mace and walked out.

An attack on their gravy train was just to much for them. The people they claimed to speak for living in abject poverty and hardship as industry by industry Scotland was stripped bare.

Whinne Ewing was right it is the enemy within the gates that damage us most.

subrosa said...

Auch KBW, you don't have to feel chastised.

I fully understand what you mean, especially with your example. That attitude still goes on in Perthshire today. Let's hope the next generation put a full stop to it.

Don't speak to me about Donald Dewar. S many adore him for 'bringing devolution' to Scotland. Of course he didn't. He campaigned hard behind the scenes to stop it. It was the EU (or the fines to be imposed) which forced Blair to have the referendum.

Even when industry was in full flow in Scotland KBW, we were still a relatively poor country compared with most of England.

Aye Winnie was indeed right.

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