Thursday, 15 April 2010

Clean Up Glasgow

The latest poster from the SNP is directed at Glasgow and the murky goings-on in the Labour controlled city. The labour-controlled council refused to instigate an independent inquiry last week.

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Thanks to Tris for the graphic


RantinRab said...

Good graphic, shame about the SNP gubbins on it!

subrosa said...

Now now Rab, not like you to be green-eyed. ;)

Uncle Marvo said...

Good poster.

I still fail to see why Scotland is allowed to have a government, and Wales an assembly, when we've got one of yours telling US what to do, but there you go. It's the something question, isn't it? Can't remember. Getting old.

Pub's open.

subrosa said...

Well Marvo, the answer is for you to campaign for independence for England. ;)

Billy said...

As long as it is the party that "daddy" voted for then the braindead will not care how corrupt Labour are.

Happen to agree with you Uncle Marvo but it is up to the English people to change this situation. The Scottish MP's will quite happily take the £35 million per year they are getting to do nothing but interfere in English matters as long as you are quite happy to put up with it.

It is the English people who fund the "Scottish" Labour, Tory and Lib-Dem parties that want to continue this farce. The English people could change this situation tomorrow if they wanted!

Uncle Marvo said...

Waste of time.

The answer is to oust the lot of them especially Gordo. And Darling.

Can't have it both ways though, can we?

Uncle Marvo said...


Tell me more.

I like Scotland. But I'm English. I've never been British, like most Scots haven't. And rightly so.

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