Thursday, 18 March 2010

Polygamy on the Increase

Over a year ago I posted about polygamy within the UK's Muslim community. Having listened to this piece from the Today programme, it seems it's on the increase, especially among young Muslims.

Is it time to enforce British law to protect women in such situations?

With thanks to ScunnertNation


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Really I don't mind, as long as there is no coercion and we don't have to pay for it. What people do is not my business, unless they try to make me pay for it, or make it compulsory.

I would love to have several wives, except that, I can barely cope with one right now.

scunnert said...

This would help explain their bloated birth rate. And yes - we end up paying one way or another.

Maturecheese said...

The Muslims are above the Law,don't you know. I personally would like to see this practise stamped on with the full force of the law as it is bloody disrespectful of our Laws and costs us all in taxes and Alien population growth as alluded to in the two previous posts.

I won't hold my breath though!!

Anonymous said...

Scunnert. The white "christian" girls on our estates in Dundee breed just as much and then expect to stay on benefits for the rest of their lives...refusing to tell us who any of the multivarious fathers of their children are (probably because they haven't a clue). They cost us in Scotland a fortune by comparison to any muslims. Added to which, as the muslims don't spend all weekend getting legless and falling about all over the street, they are a bit cheaper on the NHS and police time, and we don't have to step over their vomit and pee in the close the next morning. We also won't have to pay for their hospitalization at 35 with cirhosis.

The muslims tend not to be out at 2am bawling and shouting and swearing and keeping people awake...because someone went off with the boy they wanted to have sex with.

I have no problems with them doing all these things... it's their lives and although it makes my life less pleasant, ...well, that's what I get for not living in the middle class suburbs.

But, in my place, give me the muslims any day.

I was in Bradford not long ago for a concert. After the show we needed somewhere to go for something to eat and drink. All the "white" places were full of kids drunk as Lord Foulkes, and we eventually found an Asian café where we got a snack and a soft drink among people who were as sober as if it were 11 am not 11 pm.

Maturecheese said...

Re my last comment check out this blog I read earlier today

subrosa said...

WW and that's the way it should be. She's obviously a good woman. :)

Oh we pay WW. Did you read my post from a year ago?

banned said...

WW, me neither but the Koran states that it is fine to have more than one wife provided that that the moslem man can afford their upkeep.
So how come some Councils see fit to provide extra accomodation for iilegal non-wives and their bastard spawn of bigamy offspring with free money since that is not the Moslem man providing for them but me, and you?

subrosa said...

I would like to see us all treated equally under British law maturecheese, but we're not.

subrosa said...

Thanks for the link maturecheese.

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