Saturday, 9 January 2010

Brown is Bust

The Scotsman is reporting the concessions Gordon Brown had to make on Wednesday to survive as labour leader.

There was a pledge to Alistair Darling that he would be more honest about the state of British finances. He also had to promise Harriet Harman a more prominent election role and Jack Straw a change in direction on election strategy.

And he was forced to limit the role of one of his few remaining allies, Ed Balls, who is disliked (that's putting it mildly I think) by many other members of the Cabinet.

All the above isn't surprising but I thought this certainly was :

However, this may not be enough, with reports that Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth could resign over the weekend...

The situation has left deep unhappiness on the Labour back benches and many are now resigned to defeat whenever the general election comes. One Scottish MP told the Scotsman:

"We have an extraordinary situation. What has emerged from this failed coup is that Gordon Brown is the only Prime Minister in history not to have the confidence of his Cabinet but still remain as Prime Minister.

"He is there out of a mixture of obstinance and arrogance. There is a touch of the Churchills about him. He thinks he is destined for great things. Unfortunately, unlike Churchill, it is only what he thinks, rather than actually being true."

He went on: "But look at the pygmies he had in his Cabinet. Look at the pathetic concessions they wanted to support him.

"The problem is that the party has accepted defeat at the next election simply to avoid a little bit of discomfort in getting rid of the leader."

The tories don't have to do a thing other than keep their noses clean.

Labour must be in complete meltdown for the Scotsman to publish such an article. All credit to them. To add to labour's misery there could be a new plot in the offing if labour lose the election and Gordon Brown insists upon staying as leader.


Andrew said...

Brown is also exposed as the liar he is---"Labour investment, Tory cuts", when even the dogs in the street knew there had to be a severe cutback in spending.
Mind you the dogs in the street are ahead of Labour in Scotland who are still in denial.
Looking forward to PMQs next Thursday when I'm sure the FM will mention the subject!

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

No (1) 1 will still be voting for Gordon at the next General Election

No (2) Getting rid of Gordon will not have a significant impact on the Election outcome

No(3) If the will was there Gordon could be deposed within a few hours(it's not)

No (3) Labour will do rather well in Scotland at the General Election the snp will not(as ever)

No (4) 'IF' Labour were to lose the Idea Gordon would hang on is laughable ha ha ha.

5,6,7, etc etc I will still vote Labour as are many others

Ollie Cromwell said...

It is great fun to watch Labour implode but I am concerned that the defence minister should be focussed on looking after the troops rather than in-party fighting. However, Ainsworth is a third rate minister who will not be missed.

Alex Porter said...

It's what happens when you get into bed with people like Blair. Brown sold his soul, why else do you think the Church of Scotland welcomed someone complicit in war crimes as their hero?

Tory Totty Online said...

I agree with Ollie although one has to worry about who exactly is running the country whilst all this is going on. (As usual with Labour!)

The Labour government, like Brown, is fundamentally flawed. (As usual with Labour). They have deemed it appropriate and acceptable, for far too long, to put the needs of the country second to their own; bit by bit dismantling power from the people under the cloak of big government

Brown's Premiership has been the most disastrous and treacherous political period in my lifetime. How anyone can still deem Labour credible after all these arduous years leaves me speechless. (Mr Mxzptik!) But as I alluded, in my most recent post, die-hard Scottish supporters will live and die by the Labour party irregardless of treachery, corruption and sleaze.. End of.

Events dear boy, events said...

An excellent post. It isn't over yet. If Brown can't exert his authority, what is the point in him staying?

subrosa said...

I'm hoping next week's FMQs will be worth watching Andrew. Last week's wasn't.

subrosa said...

Yoohoo Niko. Of course you'll vote for Gordon. Can't change a habit of a lifetime can you? ;)

You're right about your other points too.

Did I tell you over the holiday I know of another 3 people who have always voted labour but going snp this time round. The more the merrier I say.

subrosa said...

You're right Ollie, Answorth won't be missed. But he'll not resign, it's all bluff and bluster.

subrosa said...

Afternoon Alex. I don't think the CoS think Brown is a hero or perhaps I've missed something.

subrosa said...

The civil servants are running the county TT don't you think?

I think Brown has been the biggest disaster I've known, as chancellor as well as PM too.

Aye TT it'll take another generation or two until the west of Scotland realises labour aren't their saviours these days.

subrosa said...

Howard, how lovely to see you. I do hope life is on the up a little and I wish you a Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

Who would replace him? The child-like Miliband?

Events dear boy, events said...

Wait until the weekend is over. The key will be the polls and what happens at the PLP on Monday. Mandelson is the key player and I am told far from happy with what has been going on, not just this week, but over the last few months.

My guess is the plot failed because it wasn't cleared with Mandy. If it had been the result may have been different.

subrosa said...

Did you see Mandy on Newsnight Howard? I have to hand it to him he's a slick operator.

Vronsky said...

If you'd taken a bet with me a few years ago that Brown would become PM you'd have won a great deal of money. I never thought for a moment that he would be PM - dull, fat, ugly, bumbling, thick, socially spastic, charmless, generally repellent and (worst of all) Scottish. I have no respect whatever for the Labour Party, but still I remain utterly bemused that they could ever have adopted such an obvious liability as leader.

Events dear boy, events said...

Yes, and that is the point. Mandy came across that he wasn't bothered by the failed coup and he didn't exactly defend Brown as he should have done.

Just as significant is Darling's article in today's Times. He is now openly opposing Brown's strategy.

Watch and wait.

Furor Teutonicus said...

It is not Incapability Brown that is the problem, it is LABOUR.

The trouble is, I do not trust the British voter to make that distinction.

IF they change the leader, I would half conseider putting a hundred Euro on the bastards winning.

The Public not realising that any arsehole that gets to be leader is just a clone of Brown.

He is not the exception in Labour, her is the RULE!

subrosa said...

Will go and read Darling's Times article now Howard. Mind you, it's no secret Darling doesn't like Brown's handling of the financial situation.

subrosa said...

You may well be right Furor. Brown is the epitome of labour and a man who has done nothing else in his life other than plan his way to No 10. It's now showing many more labour luvvies have exactly the same plans.

The country doesn't matter. They've sold most of it off anyway. The people are the last thing on their minds.

subrosa said...

He's not daft though Vronsky. He's planned his way to the top by watching and waiting. I'm sure he has more on every labour MP than they'll ever have on him. That's what got him where he is and why he can stick it out.

The Boiling Frog said...

The concessions that Gordon Brown has had to make won't last long, like they didn't last June in the previous leadership plot.

The closer Brown gets to the election the less chance of danger to his position as leader. Then he can start safely ignoring his cabinet colleagues and return to listening to Balls et al.

Not much good it will do him though

subrosa said...

Aye Frog I do hope you're right. Brown has never been a generous colleague I don't think. He's far more comfortable with his protege Balls and nobody else.

Strathturret said...

Interesting piece in Herald today by Ian Bell, basically saying keep an eye on the silent man; Darling.

I have a certain respect for Darling who has been a competent minister who has at least tried to be honest about the economy. Remember his gloomy (and accurate)interview from Western Isles in 2008, when everyone else was saying problems would blow over.

However, I am beginning to doubt if England would suffer another Scot?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

"Labour must be in complete meltdown for the Scotsman to publish such an article."

Exactly. The Scotsman is so up Labour's anus that I find it incredible!

Darling is credible as the next leader - anodyne, grey, Loretto and has a tiny vestige of integrity. That's not saying much, but with Labour, you deal with moral pigmys. (Sorry Pigmys)

PS I regularly go past Loretto and wonder.

A great post darling.

subrosa said...

WW, I don't know how well Darling gets on with Mandy. He's also in danger of losing his seat here so I believe.

But an interesting comment and one that will make some think.

Anonymous said...

More embarrassment for Brown and letters between him and Hoon showing that he personally refused money for life saving helecopters are leaked to the ST, by a source in the RAF

subrosa said...

Tris I've just noticed that in the Times. Well Hoon's got nothing to lose has he? Interesting, especially when Peter Whatsits book is being serialised in the Mail too.

Events dear boy, events said...

See. It is not over. Get some sleep. It could be some week.

subrosa said...

Will do Howard, just waiting for the blanket to heat up and having a quick glance at the Sundays.

Apogee said...

The thought keeps coming back, we the voters, collectively, are responsible for all of these chancers being in parliament at all.
Perhaps we should have a word with our fellow voters to be a damn sight more careful where they scribble on the ballot paper next time!!
Question. What is the point of brown?
And why is the Chancery called the Chancery?


subrosa said...

The point of PM is a legal one isn't it Apogee?

I should think your answer is because it's always been exactly that!

Furor Teutonicus said...

Apogee said...
Question. What is the point of brown?

It seperates red from green?

subrosa said...

You're sharp this morning Furor. :)

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