Friday, 8 January 2010

The 2011 Census

Census Day/Night (England and Wales) is Saturday, 27 March, 2011. Yes I know it's over a year away but I may forget to give you this link. It analyses the questions.

Just for starters: did you know the data is to be collected by US Defense Contractor Lockheed-Martin? Don't we have data processors in the UK these days?

Scotland's Census will take place on 27 March, 2011 too. Some questions differ from the England and Wales version. Details can be found here.

Once you've read the information, don't forget there is a fine of £1,000 for providing false information. Of course, none of us would ever consider giving inaccurate information, so the threat of a fine will not apply.


Old Holborn said...

Unfortunately, I shall be on holiday when the census is run.

Sorry? I have to cancel my holiday? I DARE you

Quiet_Man said...

You don't have to offer false information, but do you have to answer all the questions or simply put N/A (not applicable)

Anonymous said...

Pandas are exempt.

subrosa said...

OH, I too have booked a holiday for that date in the hope that the pound has recovered somewhat. So I think my home will be classed as 'vacant'. I look forward to dealing with the subsequent enquiries.

subrosa said...

Pandas are except because they're not British citizens. Do keep up Bug!

subrosa said...

Does n/a mean not applicable (as it has during my professional career) not No Answer QM. I'd be interested to know the legal context.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

You may be interested to learn that Lockheed Martin are partly responsible for the Trident nuclear programme at Aldermaston.

Where well over £300m has been recently spent largely on US equipment in updating the factory facilities for Trident Mark 2.

Anonymous said...

Oi you SubRosa, were you born in the UK?

I thought you were a sodjers offspring. That could make you German or Indian or a horse if you were born in a stable

I am a Govan Panda, and I think I explained all that in that post you let me write. Didn't you read it?

I have one these new ID cards, you know.

I nicked it off Alastair Darling and I think there is quite a resemblance between we two. Enough to able to blag my way back into the UK via the UK Borders Agency PLC.

Met some interesting Yemeni's on the plane who were going to study aviation at Glenrothes University. I asked them how much they paid and they told me $600 one way.

Bloody freezing here in Govan tonight.

banned said...

I aim to spend the night sleeping in my car on the public highway. My home will thus also be 'vacant'.

2 days, no bloody milk, why not!

Anonymous said...

It looks rather complicated. I suspect that many people will have real trouble with it. I, on the other hand, intend to have great fun.

Polaris said...

Subrosa, I've managed to avoid every census so far - we should all try to do so.

It's just a government taking stock of its assets.

Are you and Holby going on holiday together?

scunnert said...

Every bit of data the UK has on you is provided to the US. Isn't that treason?

CrazyDaisy said...


honey I will not participate - fuck the government and their prying pikey ways, none of their business what happens in this household- they fail to maintain so why should I open my door?

Here comes the riot....


All Seeing Eye said...

I lose track nowadays of what are supposed to be "acceptable words" but the 2010 US Census asks you if you are a Negro which is bound to annoy some hand-wringer or other.

subrosa said...

Ah Crinkly, I thought the name rang a bell to do with weapons of some kind.

What on earth they're doing gathering census data beats me. Then again...

subrosa said...

Ah Bug pay attention. I wis born in Dundee, in Lochee in fact and in the Clement Park Nursing Home which is no longer.

I don't come from a military family although the men did their bit through both world wars.

Not so cold here tonight. It's been trying to snow though.

subrosa said...

Clara, do you think OH could tolerate me on a holiday? Mind you, I like doing my own thing. :)

subrosa said...

Scunnert, I read somewhere even our NHS data is to be shared with the US and EU. Doesn't seem to be a problem these days sharing it around. I'll try to remember where I saw that.

subrosa said...

As I said CD I'm sure I'm on holiday then and I can't say I'm here can I. That would be fraud.

subrosa said...

ASE I've always thought Negro was a lovely description of a black person. Perhaps it's a generational thing.

subrosa said...

Good for you Tris. Be careful though and not get fined.

13th Spitfire said...

I am sorry, but having never participated in the census - could one NOT just do it?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, from the website:

Are translations of the questionnaire available?Translations of the census questions are available in the following languages:


These can be downloaded from this site or a paper version can be obtained by using the Electronic Contact Facility.

What no Gaelic? All these foreign languages and not our native toungue. I shall certainly be asking for my census form in Gaelic just to see if they come up with one.

subrosa said...

I think the rules are if you're present at the specific address on the required date you have to complete it spitfire.

Why aren't you studying? :)

subrosa said...

Someone told me that the other day DL and I've never had time to check.

Let me know if you get one. I won't hold my breath though.

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