Monday, 16 November 2009

No Scottish Seat Vulnerable Says Labour

Barbara Follett, MP for Stevenage
One of those on the list

Labour is giving up on vulnerable seats and diverting resources to defend constituencies in its heartlands, according to MPs.

Serious financial problems have left labour having to reorganise their election strategy and some MPs are saying labour's HQ us refusing to help seats with majorities of less than 3,000. They have identified about 60 - all in England.

Barbara Follett (above) is one of those at risk but her wealthy husband will possibly come to her aid, not for the first time.

The top 20 seats with the most disaffected Labour voters:

North Knowsley*
Plymouth Moor View*
Birmingham Northfield
Bristol East
Dudley North
Cannock Chase
Amber Valley
Southampton Itchen
Dudley South

* Constituency faces abolition or boundary changes at next election

So Scotland, gird your loins because labour will be throwing much of their £18m campaign chest at you it would seem. A strange campaign chest though with £2m of it being a loan converted to a donation and £15m in borrowing and credit facilities. Gordon Brown, man of prudence, is leader of a party with £15m of debt. What would the country look like if we had a spendthrift as PM?


Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

Do you suppose that Glasgow NE was the dry run for the backs to the wall strategy?

Labour retreats to their "heartlands," aka in Scotland as the West.

They MUST be attacked with all available weapons.

Then the real enemy will surface.

subrosa said...

Having read the article Billy, yes I'm sure Glasgow NE was a dry run, aren't you?

Their jubliation couldn't all be because Willie Bain won, surely not.

Anonymous said...

Even that Maddox creature on the Scotsman says Labour will lose up to 12 seats in Scotland and he had been talking to a Labour strategist.

See the Steamie!!

Yeh I rather think Labours finances after the next election will mirror that of the UK, Boom and bust.

Hammer said...

On, the other hand, I'm a wee bit worried how the SNP's war-chest will stand up in May.

I get the impression that quite a lot of money was spent in Glasgow N-E.

Of course, at least there is time to correct the mistakes rather then using a similar campaign.

Stephen Glenn said...

Ok I'm upping my donation of time and money to certain Scottish seats where they have less than a 3,000 majority.

Ok it's not really news just what I'd been planning on doing anyway.

subrosa said...

Spook I've better things to do than read any more of the Scotsman today.

For one I've another Delia Creole Christmas cake to make... :)

subrosa said...

I have no idea Hammer although surely there will be contributions nearer the election.

If only they hadn't put up the price of my favourite tipple, I could have put a few bob away myself. :)

subrosa said...

Good luck Stephen. You could well make a few bob out of it.

Oldrightie said...

Now if we all unite to finish off this wreck of a Party, hey, togetherness works!!!

subrosa said...

It does indeed OR. Does that mean you're coming up to campaign in Glasgow? ;)

Quiet_Man said...

Wonder why my constituency isn't on there, (Chatham and Aylesford)the Labour MP only has a majority of 2,332 and I suspect he's bricking himself at having to answer for voting against a referendum and voting for 42 days detention amongst other gems.

Still I'm sure Scotland will enjoy Labours bounty as they try to pull the wool over the eyes of those who wont vote for a donkey with a red rosette.

subrosa said...

Maybe the Times list wasn't up to date QM or they've decided he's too good an MP not to support.

I'd suggest you and your fellow voters do a little detective work to see what he's really up to.

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