Monday, 22 June 2009

Hymns Won't Save You Gordon

I succumbed to the temptation of spending a day in the sunshine yesterday so apologies for being a little tardy with this post. Gordon Brown is to appear on Songs of Praise to reconnect with voters after the shambles he's made of leading the country.

Aides hope the move will help the Prime Minister reconnect with Middle Britain after a torrid few weeks which have seen him struggle to survive. The interview will form part of a 'fightback' strategy which will see Mr Brown attempt to put forward a more human image to voters.

'The BBC is understood to have approached the Prime Minister before the expenses scandal engulfed parliament, but the programme could nevertheless present him with an opportunity to reassert his credentials as a devout and honest politician.'

Who is advising him on the PR side? Whoever they are it's evident that they are as much out of touch as he is. Is this Peter Mandelson's idea? That wouldn't be a surprise as he's quite happy to encourage Gordon to hang himself from a great height. The Guardian's interview this weekend was nauseating and the first of many efforts to tell the cynical electorate their opinion of the PM is wrong.

I read somewhere this weekend that Mandelson is desperate to ensure Gordon stays in place until Ireland has voted YES in September for the Lisbon Treaty then it won't matter if he goes or stays because David Cameron, should he be elected, will be unable to make any changes or hold a referendum. My guess this is the work of Mandelson. He's very aware what happened when Tony Blair attempted to bring religion directly into politics and he's quite happy to allow Gordon to make the same mistake. Bad idea this one Gordon, particularly since you continue to lie to the public.


Lallands Peat Worrier said...

For your edification, excitement and distraction, I see that the Lord Rector of the University of Edinburgh has an article on a similar theme on this morning's Herald.

subrosa said...

Thank you so much Lallands. I glanced at the Herald late last night but didn't read this one. Love the description of Gordon Brown's empathy!

Clarinda said...

Suggestion for 'Brown's Prayer' on SoP

Oor Gordon, who art a shyster,
Guilty be thy name.
Thy Government stinks,
Thy will be rumbled,
On earth as well as on telly.
Give this day our country back,
But we wont forgive you your expenses.
Nor will we forgive the flipping MPs who flipped against us.
Lead us not into more illegal wars
But we will deliver you out of Westminster,
For ours is the right, the power and the vote - for ever and ever -Saor Alba.

Further suggestions for Hymns and readings welcome.

Goodnight Vienna said...

That's a good revised version of the Lord's Prayer, Clarinda.

SR - Since it's the impartial BBC we can assume that the following week it will be Cameron's turn, followed by Clegg, Salmond et al. I'm looking forward to Denis Skinner's week.

Oldrightie said...

I doubt "Jerusalem" will figure. What an unbelievable hypocrite this man is.

brownlie said...

I hope they don't show the press conference where he denied three times wanting to get Darling out of the Treasury shortly after re-affirming his Christian up-bringing. His body-language said it all.

His hymn should be "Jesus wants me for a sun-beam and a fecking fine sun-beam I will be".

subrosa said...

Clarinda, that deserves a post of its own. Would you mind if I posted it as an update?

subrosa said...

OR, isn't Jerusalem part of his pal Tony Blair's remit these days or has he given up being the saviour of the middle east?

subrosa said...

Ah Brownlie, you've obviously had a good weekend and are on form!

subrosa said...

Oh GV, you are awful but I like you. Right enough, the article did say DC would be asked later. I wonder if he'll say yes.

Clarinda said...

Hi Subrosa - whatever you wish!
I recall my little sister in the early 60s when SoP first started, telling our Dad that a new programme called Songs of Paris was about to start. You can imagine our Dad's disappointment on tuning in - not exactly the Folies Bergere.

Startled Leafletter said...

First of all we get a *[insert name of relgion that treats women like dirt]* to run "Songs of Praise" then we let Gordon Brown choose some hymns.

That's a total abomination to the faith that the Queen is supposed to defend.

subrosa said...

I think many will agree with you SL.

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