Tuesday 15 June 2010

Dave's Verdict

I was going to write about David Cameron's comment on the Afghanistan war in the Commons on Monday, but Richard has said it all.

I have nothing to add except that Think Defence gives a straightforward summary with which I agree. Also see what £2 billion buys these days. You'll be astounded. That's roughly the amount of aid we've given to India in the past 10 years.


Oldrightie said...

Subrosa, you know my stance on this. I have, in the past, had some very nasty stuff aimed in my direction. I have also been disappointed with Richard's political change over the last two years or so. However, in this I am in full agreement and very disappointed with DC's statement. OUR security, like charity, should begin and end at home. 13 years of open borders and mass immigration have done more to threaten both issues than ever The Taliban have done. Long overdue to get out of international police work, whilst the carnage goes on and on.

JuliaM said...

And another Marine died today from injuries in this stupid, pointless war... :(

subrosa said...

I completely agree with you OR. Have heard on the grapevine that various organisations are now shifting in their attitude by calling their businesses security rather than defence.

We have no chance to make a difference over there. Their culture and religion is far too strong.

subrosa said...

Yes Julia, I'm just doing a post about the loss of the lad in Selly Oak and the two who were shot this morning.

Sickening to think that the new government seems to have the attitude of the old, except they've thrown £15 a day to a soldier to keep him happy. As if.

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