Friday, 15 May 2015

No Bridge? No Problem!

No Health and Safety either!


Joe Public said...

The Russkies accept they have poor roads, and few bridges. It rarely seems to disrupt their supply routes though.

Quite a few river-crossings featured in the Kamchatka episodes of Ewan McGregor's "Long Way Round" travelogue

kailyard rules said...

The Stalingrad spirit obviously still exists.

Joe Public said...

O/T but readers north o' the border may be interested to know that Mhairi Black's diaries are being serialised on BBC Scotlandshire:

Perhaps some kind soul would provide translations for Englanders.

JRB said...

@ Joe Public - C’mon bigman whits nay tae underston

Mhairi ’s a real wee stotter un a hope she gees a few o those tory numpties a wee malkie or at least a Weegie kiss.

Gon yersel Mhairi!

Joe Public said...

Gee thanks, JRB.

So eloquently expressed!

JRB said...

Dear @Joe_P

My apologies, I should have realised that ‘Scots’ or more particularly ‘Parliamo Glasgow’ may not be to your ‘Standard English’ taste.

Therefore, may I direct you to the ‘Herald on Sunday’ where you will find a most eloquent and articulate diary entry written entirely in ‘Standard English’ by none other than Ms Mhairi Black MP herself. –


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