Monday, 16 February 2015

Common Purpose

Over the years quite a few commenters have asked others what CP (Common Purpose) means.  As most of us know now, it is a political ‘charity’ which supposedly creates ‘Future Leaders of Society’.  Many who attend their training courses are prominent in public service.

It’s been said, on more than one occasion, that Common Purpose is the equivalent of the Masons.  I wouldn’t know because I know little about the Masons except that it is similar to an ‘old boys’ network.

Last week I came across this list of Common Purpose ‘graduates’ and though it may interest you.  I doubt if every graduate has been listed but it’s interesting to note how many are defined as being in education.

If you wish to look for a particular name type the name in the relevant box then click ‘apply’. All names with that letter will appear.


JRB said...

‘Common Purpose’ has all the appearance of being a poor cousin to such secret societies as the Bilderberg Group; The Illuminati; Opus Dei, or even the humble(?) Bullingdon Club.

Malevolent? - probably not, but they do have an unpleasant and unhealthy attitude which promotes a heighten sense of ‘them and us’.
This very same elitist and unwelcome ‘them and us’ attitude is manifest in virtually every aspect of our modern society; be it politics, finance, education or whatever.

On a couple of specific points –
- I note that ‘CP’ never ventured further north than Edinburgh. Perhaps we woad painted, plaid wearing natives are beyond their consideration.
- It is very apparent that by far the greatest number of attendees to ‘CP’ was drawn from publicly funded institutions. At a cost of £6k per person – that’s a lot of our money.

Macheath said...

6K? Even allowing for cheaper courses for under-18s, that suggests rather too much of the education budget going on enlisting schoolchildren as 'future leaders' - of the 2,000-odd listed 'graduates' sponsored by schools, the vast majority are pupils (most of the rest are Heads and Deputies).

Demetrius said...

Grannie liked to tell us to avoid associating with Common people. She seems to have been ahead of her time.

Anonymous said...

They have been active North of Edinburgh. A couple of years ago a senior director of a local Aberdeen organisation boasted to me that he had been approached by CP along with some others.

I stopped dealing with him a short time later. He was very keen on trying to encourage people to also join CP. It wasn't for me.

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