Thursday, 6 November 2014

Christmas Television Adverts - John Lewis

The commercial Christmas is upon us. Shops crammed with Christmas non-perishables, although I did see Christmas puddings yesterday.  They can last for a year if unopened I’m reliably told, but my informant prefers to wait until after Christmas and stock up at bargain prices.

According to Adweek the above video, ‘Monty the Penguin’, cost £1m to make and is part of the company’s overall £7m investment in the Christmas campaign.

Does it encourage you to buy at John Lewis?

These days there are always some geeks waiting in the background to capitalise on videos, but Redshirt Films are very smart and professional geeks.  They’ve made a parody of John Lewis’s Christmas Advert.  

Hope you enjoy. I did.


Dioclese said...

Typical ad that has to have been designed by an American, because...

Santa lives at the North Pole
Penguins live at the South Pole

Americans have absolutely no sense of what's where in the world. Stupid Americans.

subrosa said...

When I saw it I thought exactly the same Dioclese. :D

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