Friday, 7 February 2014

There Is Something Rotten In The Police System

Before you read further, please view the video.  Do you remember it?

It’s not often I take notice of Daily Mail articles, but this one appears to be reasonably accurate.

I shook my head in disbelief that the individual in the yellow jacket received more that £400,000 compensation at a Cardiff hearing on Wednesday.  He was being ridiculed every day by fellow officers he said in his statement and ‘They thought I’d done wrong and I was lucky to get away with it’.

He did do wrong and he was lucky to get away with it, but with the compensation policy currently operating in police forces, he seemingly calculated he’d be better off resigning then putting forward a formal complaint.

There’s something rotten in the police system.


JRB said...

As has been said in previous posts, there has been for some time now a growing disconnect, lack of trust, and loss of respect between a large proportion of the population and the police force which should serve and protect them.

Once again, this incident merely serves to highlight that which has become the unacceptable face of our police force ...

- as all can see, the reaction of the officer is totally disproportionate to the incident. The conduct displayed can hardly be described as responsible and most certainly brought the police force into disrepute.
- the internal police inquiry which followed cleared the officer of any misconduct. A very questionable decision when seen through the public’s eyes.
- the scale of the financial compensation is totally inexplicable, but more and more for aggrieved officers the solution is litigation, or the threat of.
- It should be noted that the OAP at the centre of this incident was awarded a mere £20k for the damage to his vehicle and any personal distress.

You comment that - ”There’s something rotten in the police system” - indeed there is.

… and it does not bode well for society.

Joe Public said...

Actions similar to that shown in the video, and indeed the treatment of Ian Tomlinson, have (almost certainly) always occurred.

Thankfully, the Internet enables viewers to form their own opinions from the visual evidence of their own eyes.

Anon said...

The police apparently faked the key evidence in the Lockerbie trial and they reportedly protected Jimmy Savile.

- Aangirfan

Antisthenes said...

The police force is not the only section that is rotten in our society today it pervades all the other sections of it to. Every day from politicians to quangos to healthcare providers to bankers and the like more and more is coming to light that points to incompetence, waste and corruption. Of course this is nothing new as that kind of behaviour has always been there. What is new is the scale and therefore the damage that it is doing to us the law abiding. And despite the drive for equality following policies and practices of the left that is aiding and abetting this corruption growth industry most of us are not allowed to put our sticky fingers anywhere near the honey pots that is reserved for those in the right club political or otherwise.

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