Friday, 31 January 2014

Bring Back The Bradbury!


JRB said...

This is a joke.

Please tell me this is a joke.

Surely there aren’t people out there who swallow this stuff from the UK Column, (aka the British Constitution Group; aka the Referendum Party)

Woodsy42 said...

I think they have gone international and digital and they call them bitcoins nowadays SR

subrosa said...

Pleased you agree with me JRB. This was being highly promoted by some online and I thought I’d publish it without comment.

Woodsy is on the right lines though.

subrosa said...

You’re on the right lines Woodsy. :)

Alice Moore said...

There was also the greenback dollar in the United States.

Surely sensible people recognise that `creating money out of nothing` should not be in the hands of corrupt bankers.

Issued, as credit, by Government as it once was, would mean we would not be so indebted.

subrosa said...

That’s what they’ve been doing for years Alice.

Edward Spalton said...

I have a friend who is experienced in these matters, as I am not. I hope he may comment either to me or this distinguished blog.

It looks superficially very attractive but depends on iron financial discipline not to produce more paper money/credit than there are goods and services available. I would be reluctant to trust British (including Scottish) politicians within a mile of a money-printing press.

Incidentally, I handled a bundle of £200 worth of these notes back in the early Sixties. The executor of an estate brought them into the office where I was working to show the manager. He was surprised I had heard of them.

Dr Hjalmar Schacht and successors of the Reichsbank did quite well with the idea for a while. For the economic thinking behind it, please see
and look for the article
"The EU's Evil Pedigree" and get a straight translation of Reichsminister Funk - Minister for the Economy, President of the Reichsbank and Minister for Post War Planning (1942)

subrosa said...

Super contribution as always Edward and thank you for the link. Most interesting.

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