Thursday, 14 November 2013


My brother, who has recently been in New York and was intrigued by this cabinet, sent me this video.  It was made, by a German craftsman, over 200 years ago using only hand tools.

Exquisite isn’t it?  May I suggest you click the YouTube link at the bottom right hand side to view this masterpiece in more detail.  For some reason the video hasn’t embedded well.


JRB said...

Sorry Subrosa, but, for me, your video is not showing.

I’m guessing here, but I suspect it might be Roentgens' 'Berlin Secretary Cabinet' currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Video link =
Museum link =

If not the Berlin Cabinet, I think you and your brother would agree that this is equally an amazing piece of craftsmanship.

subrosa said...

JRB you were correct! I’m sorry it didn’t play for you. It’s playing for me but perhaps best viewed on Youtube where you can see it enlarged.

Anonymous said...

I love stuff like this...false panels, false books...

In the library at Beaulieu, the false door book spines have names like "the art of deceit", etc.

was he an ancestor to the German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen, who discovered X-rays?

subrosa said...

I must remember that Rightwinggit. Here’s the lowdown on the maker:

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

A devious cabinet - almost as devious as the ones we elect and suffer under.

subrosa said...

Crinkly, your response made me smile. :)

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