Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sex Education Poll Results

The result of the poll asking 'Should sex education be given to children in nurseries'.

Thanks to all 158 of you who voted.


Apogee said...

Think this poll shows that as usual a large majority of people neither agree or like the way society is being pushed to change by nameless, faceless groups pushing from the background. When their changes spectacularly fail and there is a mess to clean up they are nowhere to be seen for a few months, then they sneak back with new solutions to problems that did not exist till they dreamed them up. These people and organizations are the termites in the walls of society, destroying things that don't suit their unsane
schemes.They are the result of politics gone mad,dreamed up by people who will never have to pick up the pieces of the society they destroy. Why do we put up with them? They have the attention of our politicians in a way we can never seem to attain. Why? Where does their power come from?

subrosa said...

If I knew the answer to your questions Apogee, we'd be well on our way to resolving the problems.

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