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Strands of Evil - Guest post

Strands of Evil by Edward Spalton 


To many people in the Sixties, the European “Common Market” looked to be a very hopeful development. Apart from genuine good will to our European neighbours, there was a feeling that mainland Western Europe had somehow got things right. Britain seemed increasingly shabby and strike-prone by comparison.

When Britain joined the EEC in 1973 the effect on our family animal feed business was profound. We were suddenly controlled entirely by the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which was the antithesis of the free trade in food which we had previously enjoyed. We were instantly cut off from our long-established suppliers in the Commonwealth and entered a complicated system of politically determined prices and subsidies which rapidly increased material costs.

This set me thinking. Such a detailed project must have an ideology behind it but I could not recognise it. It was nothing to do with free trade more like a siege economy. As I looked further into the arrangements for “Europe”, the project appeared more and more authoritarian, anti-democratic and bizarre.

I became what is now called a Eurosceptic but still nobody could tell me where the CAP really originated.

It was only in 2003 that I got the definitive answer in a series of German conference papers from 1942, entitled “European Economic Community”. There the basics were all set out. The lead paper was by Walther Funk, Reichsminister for the Economy and Post War Planning and President of the Reichsbank. The post war EEC's largest policy and biggest budget item by far was controlled by his dead hand from the Sixties for another forty years. The original EEC (Europaeische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft) had been founded in 1940, immediately following the evacuation of British forces from Dunkirk.

The conference had been organised by a man called Heinrich Hunke, a senior Nazi and influential academic who went on to a successful post war career in the politics and administration of Lower Saxony. He founded an institute for European regional “Spatial Planning” (Raumordnung) which is active to this day. He eventually became Director of the Ministry of Finance. Another significant coincidence was that the former Reichsminister Funk was released from his Nurmeberg life sentence and quickly found employment in the academic life of the Lower Saxon capital of Hannover the year before I visited the city.

Strands of Evil

Although I did not know it at the time, I had evidence in 1958 of the thoroughness with which Professor Doktor Hunke promoted the European project. I was on a school trip to Hannover where I noticed that our German contemporaries had already been indoctrinated in school on the beneficence of the EEC. This was within a year of the Treaty of Rome. (*1)

In 1958, we sixth formers thought that the “Common Market”, as it was called, was a hopeful and progressive project for the countries of Europe. If we had been educated in Germany, we would also have known that the many separate states of early 19th century Germany had formed a single Common Market or Customs Union, to the great benefit of their economy, long before Germany became a politically united country. So it is quite natural and not evil and sinister in itself that German people should expect countries joining such an arrangement to know that the likely outcome is eventually political union. I was recently interviewed by two very pleasant young men from Norddeutscher Rundfunk who were frankly rather sad and puzzled that so many British people did not see things this way.

The evil is that our own leaders concealed the nature of the European project from us. Even the europhile Lord Hattersley half admitted as much: “Not only was it wrong to deal superficially with what Europe involved but we've paid the price for it ever since, because every time there's a crisis in Europe , people say, with some justification “Well, we would not have been part of this if we'd really known the implications.(*2)

At the end of the war, many Christian people invested their hopes in the new international organisations, such as the Council of Europe, the EEC and the United Nations, literally out of the goodness of their hearts. They would certainly have been less trusting, if they had known the sort of people who were being appointed to positions of great power and influence people like Brock Chisholm, the first Director General of the World Health Organisation . He wrote -
To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family, tradition, national patriotism and religious dogmas.The reinterpretation and eventually the eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of old people, these are the belated objectives of practically all effective psychotherapy”.

That is as near to pure evil as it is possible to get. It is a totalitarian inversion of all the things which make men and women truly human, moral beings. Neither should we forget that many people in positions of great power and influence were under the spell of Marxist communism, a quantitatively far more murderous creed than Nazism or fascism. The eminent Marxist historian, the recently deceased Eric Hobsbawm, never denounced the crimes of Stalin yet he was held in high regard in high places in this country. The cultural Marxists of Gramsci's school have captured most of our institutions of higher learning and much of local and national government. They themselves called this “the long march through the institutions”. Many politicians, not just Labour, have accepted his pernicious doctrines. It is to them that we owe the manias of “political correctness” “equalities” and “human rights” (as presently interpreted), not least that strange inversion “gay marriage”. Mr Cameron says he supports this “because I am a conservative” but, in fact, he is merely enforcing a programme agreed by the EU's parallel organisation, the Council of Europe. This will compel European countries to recognise homosexual marriages contracted in other European states so we must “modernise” here to “harmonise” the situation.

Gramsci preached that society should be attacked subtly with the aim of transforming the collective mind gradually over several generations. His aim was to remove the Christian influence which still persisted. He would do his by forming what others have called a “rainbow coalition” of groups with real or imagined grievances radical feminists, homosexuals, environmentalists, ultra liberal church groups and so on. They would aim for the elites within the middle classes a process Gramsci described as “the absorption of the elites of the enemy classes” which is why Mr Cameron supports “gay marriage” and even many Conservative MPs do not object to propaganda amongst children for homosexuality, starting with nursery school tales where “the two princes lived together happily ever after” - real fairy stories, these! It is called “queering the curriculum”. All elements of traditional culture are undermined. Many churches are transformed into vaguely progressive political clubs with the stress on “social justice” or even “climate justice”! Worship is trivialised to entertainment; doctrine, faith and morals dissolved into “all you need is love”.

So, if you think the world is turned upside down, you are right.

Following the doctrine of Brock Chisholm, the World Health Organisation, like our own government, promotes the murder of the unborn, carried out by people whose profession is supposedly healing.

The British government withholds aid and from countries which do not promote homosexuality.

The Foreign Office's job used to be to represent us abroad. Now it has a department called EU (Internal) to represent the EU to us!

Government no longer defends us from invasion and colonisation but calls it “cultural enrichment” and enacts laws which make it dangerous to speak against this deliberate “election of a new people” by the government.

So there are other evil ideologies working within the European project, apart from those associated with Nazism and fascism. Communism and fascism are like two sides of the same bad penny or you could liken the totality of these various hellish mental constructs to the different aspects of a great palace of deceit, erected by the Father of Lies.

(*1) See the article “The EU's Evil Pedigree” on www.freenations.freeuk.com for an account of this, a translation of Prof Dr. Hunke's introduction and the main paper “European Economic Community” by Reichsminister Walther Funk.
(*2) On the BBC Radio 4 Programme “A Letter to the Times”, 3 February 2000. 


JRB said...

What exactly are we agin?
- Is it the EU
- Is it the Germans
- Is it non-Christians
- Is it the United Nations, specifically the WHO
- Is it socialist politicians either Communism or Labour
- Is it homosexuals
- Is it David Cameron, for supporting gay marriage
- Is it all faiths and worship that is not your own
- Is it government
- Is it society for allowing any of the above

Your article is certainly a litany of all that you stand against – but what exactly are you for?

Demetrius said...

On Wednesday 30 May 2012 in "The Day It All Began To Go Wrong" I suggested that the actual date was 5 May 1955 as the actual start line. I was there.

Furor Teutonicus said...

The British government withholds aid and from countries which do not promote homosexuality. XX

And thos that do not, are witholding AIDS from their population.

JimS said...

Arguably nothing has been hidden, we just didn't understand what it meant.

Quote from "Britain & Europe - A Short Version Of The Government's White Paper":
No one nation can override another
There is no question of Britain losing essential national sovereignty; what is proposed is a sharing and an enlargement of individual national sovereignties in the common interest.

So no 'one' nation can override what we want to do (but a qualified majority can). What on earth does 'shared' sovereignty mean except that some external power has a say. Why would we want to 'enlarge' our sovereignty, I thought we were living in a post-colonial world?

Be in no doubt 'they' know where they are going; the idea that it can be 're-negotiated' is either the imagining of a fool or a sop to keep us quiet for another seven years.

Anonymous said...

This article is absolutely preposterous. Deluded, wrong-headed, paranoid and infantile. I really expect more from you, Subrosa, than to let this keek on your blog.

subrosa said...

Bicketoftongues, Edward has contributed to this blog for some years now like some other guest posters. As I say in the right-and column guest posts do not necessarily represent my own views but it can be refreshing to read the views of others.

Apogee said...

Having now had time to read this article, It seems to be a fair statement of the facts.
A few days ago I read a comment about similar thoughts. It went on the lines of "If they had done to us in four years what they have done in forty years ,we would not be talking to them, we would be at war with them"!
So looking at Europe today, who do you think won the war, or is it still being fought?

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Edward writes with authority and every word in his article may be true and factual but, while I may share his dislike of the EU, why single it out for its clandestine deceits.

I would suggest most governments in this world deceive their citizens as to the purpose(s) behind their acts or omissions and Westminster is a prime advocate of these techniques in their geriatric version of democracy through a sovereign parliament.

Hopefully Scotland will get out from under that joke -sorry yoke - version of democracy in 2014 and instigate a democratic system that is fit to hold the name and serve the purpose.

Coincidently, just, if there were a God, I wouldn't blame it for the acts of the religious shamans; equally I don't blame Marx for the failure of communism. Stalin and the Western capitalists made sure that was shackled before it got to the start line.

But Hey! Don't let ideology stumble at the hurdle of paranoia.

Apogee said...

Still waiting for an answer to the question,"How can we be independent inside the EU.?"

Furor Teutonicus said...

"How can we be independent inside the EU.?"

Ask Norweigian fishermen, or Swiss cow farmers just how independent of E.U laws and regulations THEY are.

JimS said...

Furor: Given that Norway chairs the committee that tells the EU what to do, they have a far better seat at a far bigger 'top table' than we do.

Norway at Codex

Edward Spalton said...

Thank you for your comments. As I am approaching my allotted three score years and ten, I thought to review the motivations for the very strange things which have happened to our country during my lifetime - mostly for the worse. I hope to make the best use of any extra time I may be granted, as younger people in work are so hard-pressed these days that they have little or no time to research or consider the forces that are mis-shaping their lives.

Ideas have consequences - as we can tell from the wind turbines cluttering up our landscapes - Rosie gave house room for a series of five articles on that a while ago!

It happened that I was in a trade where the truly revolutionary effects of the European project were much plainer to me than to the average person. I see the EU as a huge evil because it is for many purposes actually the most powerful part of our real government and right outside any democratic control. You can vote for whoever you like but the Commission always gets in. It also happened that I spoke German, so, when original documents came my way, I was able to translate them.

Actually 1940 was something of a year of European unity! Between June and July there were three major proposals -

(1) the British proposal for complete political union with France. It's in Hansard and was no secret. I translated
the French version of the offer into English as part of my French O level course around 1957.
(2) The German "European Economic Community" which had been cooking for some years and was codified in considerable detail by 1942. I have asked Professor Arthur Noble to send an article on this to Rosie which I hope she will think of interest.

(3) In July the proposal to cabinet by Duff Cooper, the Minister of Information, for a form of European unity between democratic nations to become a war aim for propaganda purposes. It is interesting to note that he confidently discounted the possibility of a successful German invasion. Duff Cooper also remarked on the idealism which the Nazi project was generating and wanted to counter it.

More recently I have been in touch with a hale and hearty 89 year old who, as a very junior diplomat in the FO's German Department , was given the unusually responsible job of secretary of the Tripartite Conference (UK,USA & France) on the Franco/German Coal & Steel Community which was the real foundation of the EU. He tells me that HMG was thoroughly aware (1) that the concept was based on original wartime discussions between Dr. Hjalmar Schacht (former President of the Reichsbank) and the Vichy government and (2) that the treaty contained secret codicils by which France and Germany would subsidise each other's heavy industry when in competition with Britain to knock out our heavy industry. Because of American insistence, Britain agreed to the treaty. My informant completed his task and resigned his promising career in protest. ("One unsordid act in a largely misspent life" as he put it). He rejoined his regiment and went to fight in Korea.

Of course "Europeanism" was not the only show in town but many ideologies latched on to it. - principally the "critical theory" of the Gramsci & Frankfurt schools of cultural Marxism which gained such an ascendancy and is largely responsible for societal destabilisation and the many moral inversions and confusions which have occurred.

Four years ago I was interviewed in some depth by a young American journalist and I have sent a link to that video as it goes into more detail on the European side of things than there is space for here.
I hope Rosie may think it worthwhile to post the link.

Furor Teutonicus said...

JimS said...

Furor: Given that Norway chairs the committee that tells the EU what to do, they have a far better seat at a far bigger 'top table' than we do. XX

Aye! And the Jews in the Warsaw Gheto were allowed to have their own "Government" and Police force.

My Grandfather was a Norweigian (registered) fisherman, and if he were not dead, HE could tell you ALL about how "free and democratic the (his words) those fucking arseholes in the sprout capital of the world", are, and how much "Freedom" they had.

Zyklon B is to good for that shower. A good kick up the arse is what they need.

Stewart Cowan said...

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family, tradition, national patriotism and religious dogmas. The reinterpretation and eventually the eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of old people, these are the belated objectives of practically all effective psychotherapy”.

In a way, it tells you everything you need to know about the changes that have been happening since the late 1940s. Equality, diversity, health "fascism", "family planning", modern education methods, mass immigration, moral relativism, attacks on our culture and values, so-called "children's rights" (i.e. transferring power from parents to state) and many more instruments of evil to destroy every nation state to bring them under global governance.

subrosa said...

Thanks Stewart. Aye, when I look back 60 years it's all so evident what has been happening.

Anne Palmer said...

Having been bombed out twice in the last war, and my father was-along with many others, fighting in the trenches-which many of those that survived NEVER FORGOT, I knew-without doubt-that the EEC/EC/EU is just another way of certain once Defeated Countries, becoming a goodly part towards a World Government.

Sadly, those in Government that have never been in a war or understood what that last WAR was all about, failed to realise that the defeated would rise again all be it perhaps in another way, and not until towards the "End Game" is near, its final points, will the ‘believing ones’ realise what THEY have been contributing to. Just how many Heads of Government have signed away, bit by bit the Governing of their own Country? They have even PAID to give it away, can you really believe THAT?

There is only a couple of years left to get the truth and the REAL message across. If you do not, this Country will just be REGIONS of the European Union -forever

subrosa said...

Thanks for contributing Anne. Unfortunately too many people are so blinkered to this issue. They'll be the ones who bleat the loudest when what you say comes true though.

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