Thursday, 27 June 2013

Strands Of Evil - Supplementary Answers

As Edward suggested in his response to Tuesday's post, the above video might supplement answers in 'a more thorough and nuanced manner than I could achieve in the usual amount of text'.

He also told me (in his email) that:

I made one prophecy here (in 2009) that there could be a border adjustment
between Russia and the Ukraine, concerning the Crimea which contains
Russia's main Black Sea naval base. I was sure that Russia would not give this up although
the lease was then running out.

In fact, they negotiated a renewed long lease with the Ukraine in exchange for
more favourable pricing on gas supplies - so I was only half right.


JRB said...

It is highly significant and telling that this interview was conducted by the Philadelphia Trumpet.

We would normally decry those who follow and support an extreme fundamental religious viewpoint, be that Hindu, Jewish or Muslim.
But what if that fundamental viewpoint is a Christian one, especially when some of its views in a very small way mesh with our own political viewpoint?
What then?

For those who are unfamiliar with the Philadelphia Trumpet, this publication is the media outlet for the Philadelphia Church of God (PCG).
The PCG is an extreme fundamental Christian group, some would say sect.

It has some very interesting beliefs.
They have an extreme ultra-orthodox viewpoint of what they regard as an overly liberal society, and many of the more 'relaxed' faiths be they Christian or otherwise.
They believe that Britain and America are the special chosen people, being two of the lost tribes of Israel.
They also believe in a catastrophic apocalypse, ‘The Great Tribulation’, which will befall us all when Europe rises up and enslaves us.

Whilst I have strong political objections to the EU I would distance myself, as far as possible, from those who would concur with or offer support to the extreme views of the PCG.

Edward Spalton said...

I speak to and write for publications of differing religious views from strongly Protestant to traditional Roman Catholic, all of which are aware that my own Churchmanship ( Western Rite Orthodoxy) diverges from theirs. I also write for and speak to publications and groups which are not religious at all - most recently Greek and German broadcasters but none in such depth as this interview.

I would like to know if there is anything which the interviewer or I SAID which you would like to challenge, rather than just rubbishing the PCOG and me too, through a species of innuendo and guilt by association.
I don't share their theology either but have always found them to be personally honourable people.

It is a familiar technique. For twenty five years or more it was fashionable to deride all Eurosceptics as simply nasty people who just hated foreigners and therefore unworthy of a hearing. The BBC were leaders in the field. Whenever the technique is used, I always regard it as a compliment to my arguments.

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