Friday, 21 June 2013

Celestial Events

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The longest day of the year is finally here but the solstice isn't the only big celestial event this year.

Skywatchers are gearing up for the arrival of the 2013 super moon, which is set to peak this weekend and deliver the biggest, brightest moon of the year. This is also known as the perigee moon and more detail can be read here.

According to the experts the event will occur on Sunday at 21.23 BST.  I'll be out in the garden and just hope that the sky is clear.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

The biggest brightest moon of the year? That sounds exciting.

Oh, wait. Ten-tenths cloud in Ayrshire, as usual.

No moon visible. Back to sleep.

subrosa said...

Should be tomorrow night (Sunday) WY. Fingers crossed for a clear night.

subrosa said...

Never saw a thing here. Heavy cloud. :(

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