Thursday, 28 March 2013

How Green Is The Earth?


Joe Public said...

The sycophantic BBC interviewers of Sir John Beddington should have seen that, before allowing him to spread his alarmist misinformation on so-called Climate Change.

JRB said...

Matt Ridley?
… is that the same Eton and Oxbridge educated hereditary peer, Viscount Matt Ridley?
… the same Viscount Ridley who lives in a grand palatial GradeI listed building ‘Blagdon Hall’ in the midst of a vast rural estate.
… the same Matt Ridley who was chairman of Northern Rock when it collapsed triggering our current financial crisis?
… the same Matt Ridley who was publicly castigated by parliament for “harming the reputation of the British banking industry."

Mr Ridley’s – sorry – Viscount Ridley’s right wing libertarianism has already cost (and is still costing) each and every one of us dearly.

I fail to see what such an individual can constructively bring to the ‘green’ debate.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


Aye, go for it laddie, play the man and not the ball...

cynicalHighlander said...

4 mins was more than enough to tell one that he is talking Baillie language or utter sh*te. CO2 is like water or any other nutrient over supply will kill the plant basic biology.

Joe Public said...


CO2 is only a trace gas. Roughly 390 parts per million.

It's risen from roughly 300 parts per million.

Increasing atmospheric CO2 simply ensures more plants grow. That's 'basic biology'.

Commercial glasshouses use special flueless heaters that both heat and discharge their CO2 (products of combustion) into the greenhouse. Their C02 output is way above 400 ppm. Do you really think commercial growers would jeopardise their crop & their profit if there was the remotest risk of harming their plants?

cynicalHighlander said...

Joe Public

Commercial greenhouses can control all nutrients in an enclosed environment outside is completely different, apples and pears come to mind.

subrosa said...

Indeed Joe.

subrosa said...

I think it is JRB, although surely that shouldn't deter him from giving an opinion.

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