Tuesday, 12 March 2013

An Important Petition

I've no idea how many of you saw the documentary You've Been Trumped about Donald Trump's tactics and bullying during the construction of his golf course in Aberdeenshire.  

If you did see it you will recognise the man on the right.  He's David Mills and he built a lovely home on the edge of the Menie estate.  Trump wanted to buy it in order to demolish it as it 'blocked the view to the sea'.  Mr Milne refused all approaches.

Not to be outdone Trump built a fence around Mr Milne's property and billed him for it.

Last month the Trump organisation submitted detail plans for another golf course, south of the one recently completed (although part of it is already collapsing) to Aberdeenshire council.

Now Mr Milne has decided that the Scottish Government should be forced into providing a public enquiry into the Menie project.  Through the 38 Degrees website Mr Milne is asking for those who, like himself, consider the public should be told how politicians and other relevant public servants - including the police service of course - conducted themselves throughout their dealings with the Trump organisation. Only a full public enquiry will get to the bottom of this matter.

Please sign David Milne's petition.  Although it states 15,000 signatures are required, I suggest many more are needed to ensure it is brought to the attention of the Petition Committee and taken seriously.  If you need further information read Alicia Bruce's interview with Alex Salmond when he viewed her photographs which were recently displayed in the Scottish Parliament.

If I remember correctly after You've Been Trumped was show on television, Alex Salmond said he would look into various aspects. If I recall correctly he wrote one letter to Grampian Police asking for an explanation about the arrest of two journalists.  The matter was never concluded.

May I also ask you to encourage friends to sign by sending them the link to the petition page.  I offer my appreciation in advance.


Sheila said...

Don't know very much about this and have severe doubts wrt the protest mechanisms we are offered - but we need more of the likes of David Milne in this world, so have signed :)

subrosa said...

I think 38 degrees may offer Mr Milne the best access to fast online sharing Sheila. I've signed too.

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