Monday, 11 March 2013

Life Saving

Every child should be taught this at the earliest age possible and this foolish LibDem councillor could suggest the council's time was used more wisely if he pushed for this to be introduced.

It's not often I suggest we adopt an American idea but this is certainly one which should be available to all parents.


The Filthy Engineer said...

My Grand children are being taught this. A very good idea indeed.

JRB said...

Totally agree with your life saving proposals.

But the idea is not entirely new. Some local authorities were doing something very similar, almost thirty odd years ago.
Before parent and toddlers were allowed into the pool, which more often than not was a noisy and boisterous session, there was a ‘quite’ time given over to parents of very young children. These tiny infants grew to enjoy the water and there was never any fear or panic when left unsupported in the water.
But sadly many of the local authority swimming pools which allowed such ‘quiet’ periods have now closed and been replaced by the more commercial leisure centres. For them a ‘quite’ period for a few very young infants is just not viable.

On your link to the Courier and the continuing controversy surrounding ‘Evidence2Success’ …
Councillor Wilson says - “As far as the questions are concerned, I understand parental concerns, even if I do not agree with them.”

So clearly he sees it as quite appropriate to put the needs and wishes of – “political administration and other political groups” - ahead of those of the children’s’ parents.

A worrying, very worrying, attitude by a so called representative of the people.

Apogee said...

Very good idea that toddlers and infants be taught to survive in water
as soon as possible. This idea has been raised more than sixty years ago,that I know of personally, and possibly before then.Like every idea,
it needs people to push it, once the need goes, toddlers grow up and can swim, interest drops away.

Judging by the press reports on
Lib-Dems and sex in the MSM down south in the last couple of weeks,
one does wonder just what is the attraction of this kind of survey to them.
Re:privacy, were any of the kids in this "survey" asked about their willingness to participate,surely they have a right to refuse? And just where exactly does the information end up, in whose hands?
And is the information safe in their hands? Can we have any trust in the organisers of this shambles.

subrosa said...

I wish it was mandatory here FE.

subrosa said...

I never came across it 30 years ago JRB but then I was down south.

Did you notice all the other committees the man sits on? He runs a business too I believe.

That shows the job isn't full-time in the least.

subrosa said...

Aye it needs another push Apogee. As for the politician...

Jo G said...

I hated this ad. I would have shot the father who left the door open personally. For me it smacks of making the children responsible for their own safety even when barely babies. This is just a water scenario. There are others which cost children their lives when we fail to keep our eye on them for just seconds. Small children fall out of windows on to pavements and die. Is that their fault or is it the fault of an adult who wasn't paying attention?

subrosa said...

It is poor Jo but it gets the point over. Don't forget it's American.

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