Monday, 31 December 2012

The Untouchables

I couldn't decide what to write for the final post of 2012 but Apogee made my decision for me by sending the following email.

As I grow older my faith in politicians fades and I now realise few politicians have any power whatsoever. Big banks failed owing to greed and lack of supervision but who paid the price?  Us. We paid up without much complaint too.  Unfortunately the tax system doesn't allow most of us to withhold our taxes and such action is the only type politicians would respect.

We're still at war in Afghanistan although few of us believe the reasons which drip out of the mouths of politicians regularly. Supposedly a few thousand soldiers are returning home this coming year but David Cameron doesn't let it be known others are still being posted there for more six months deployments.  Who's pulling the strings?  It's certainly not the Prime Minister.

England's NHS is being privatised rapidly.  My English friends are frightened because the process is not producing a similar quality, or even better, quality of service.

I could go on but I think the link in the email explains why the decent, hard working person is the one who pays the price for the unknown 'untouchables'.

Hi Subrosa

You might have already seen this, but if not it is well worth a read.

After you have read it you may start to wonder if any Prime Minister has had, for a long time, the power to pull out of any agreement without the behind the scenes agreement of the City or the three city Empire.  We don't know the rules of the game or the players.

There were a lot of nasty things done to the law around the time of the 'great fires of London'; one wonders why some things were done, who benefited and why the perpetrators were allowed to get away with it.

On the continent, how much is the City of Rome pulling the strings?  In America, where does the power really lie?

But it starts to explain why the politicians don't work for us.  Why they consider it a game and continue to 'rip-off' and scam the peasants - us.  It's just another form of pillage.  They know it doesn't matter;  they will be looked after as long as they don't get too greedy.

Their allegiance is not to the peasants at the bottom, their allegiance is to whoever, whatever is controlling their masters.  We can't hurt them.  Their masters masters can - and badly.




Joe Public said...

A thought-provoking posting, SR & Apogee.

For all its faults, our political system is not as bad as those suffered by countless millions worldwide. Few from the UK queue up to emigrate to North Korea or Zimbabwe. Bloggers' & commenters' criticisms rightly hurled our MPs & MSPs would fail at the first hurdle of the Great Firewall of China.

Sadly politicians only work for themselves - always have, always will. [Tim Yeo - are you listening?]

Rosie, you comment:

" Unfortunately the tax system doesn't allow most of us to withhold our taxes and such action is the only type politicians would respect." I suspect 'fear' is a better final word.

Apogee, you comment:

" ...... politicians ......... will be looked after as long as they don't get too greedy." Perhaps 'found out' is more appropriate.

A happy & prosperous New Year to SR & all her contributors, commenters & readers.

JRB said...

Must wholly concur with your thoughts Subrosa.

On this Hogmanay when we prepare to celebrate the inexorable march of time, I too find myself becoming ever more critical of those administrations and establishments which deign to rule our daily lives.
No doubt 2013 will bring much for me to girn at.

But to Apogee, Sir, I thank you for the link, but Santa brought me sufficient works of fiction to be going on with.
For me, Inquiring Minds reads as something that falls between a Dan Brown novel and the National Enquirer.

May I wish Subrosa and All who contribute to this outstanding and always stimulating blog - A Guid New Year.

subrosa said...

True our system isn't as bad as some others Joe, but that shouldn't mean we shouldn't expect better.

Indeed, fear is more appropriate.

And a happy and healthy New Year to you and yours Joe.

subrosa said...

Hello JRB, I do hope you had an enjoyable Christmas.

Sometimes 'works of fiction' are far nearer the bone than we realise. '1984' is the immediate one which springs to mind.

Thank you for your very kind compliments and a Guid New Year to you and yours.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

To Rosa and all who read, contribute and have the hopes and aspirations of all humankind at heart I wish you all the best for the New Year.

With reference to the link. there are tangible evidence to this effect, but by design through century's of obfuscation intermingled with traditions, they are difficult to prove.

However glance through the Statutory Instruments passed by the Crown in any year and it's difficult to understand why it should be passing statutes which effect nations such as Canada and Australia?

Further, on her recent visit to the BoE, The Queen and her party bore no Insignia of State nor its Officers.

Highland Cooncil said...

Even though you talk a loda shite Subs,

Yer chum Dave in the Heelands


Anon said...

Too many criminal elements have invaded our institutions.

- Aangirfan.

subrosa said...

A Guid New Year to you and yours Crinkly.

Over 4000 laws were passed last year alone I believe. Horrendous isn't it?

Now I didn't see TV footage of her visit but that's interesting. Of course she now has to answer to the EU bunch.

subrosa said...

Happy New Year HC. It seems you think all bloggers talk rubbish. :)

subrosa said...

Excellent point Aangirfan. Even with the public gaining more 'access' to public organisations, they are there in their hundreds and of course the law ''looks after' them.

Happy New Year to you.

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