Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday Morning Music

Since March I've been following the progress of Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli.  These two 17-year-olds were runners up in this year's Britain's Got Talent television show.  I never watch the show but was told about Jonathan's exceptional talent and decided to investigate.  Charlotte has also improved since BGT, although she hasn't shown any interest in classical singing training and still wants to work in musicals.

This video is of a performance they gave on the popular ITV programme This Morning early in November, just after their first CD reached the market.

At present they are under the 'control' of Simon Cowell but I would like to think Jonathan will eventually breaks free and opt to be an operatic tenor.  He has the ability.


Dioclese said...

Likewise, I follow with interest. I have their CD but have to say that Mrs D and I were rather disappointed. I appreciate that he has the stronger voice, but the production makes him sound like she's in the front room while he's hollering away in the back yard.

If that's the best that Syco can do, then they need to get a new soundroom team...

subrosa said...

A good description of the CD production Dioclese.

I don't think Syco are used to recording true talent because it's so over-produced it obliterates the power and depth of his voice. They're more used to making mediocre voices sound saleable.

Nevertheless, hopefully he'll eventually go to a record label which knows how to handle exceptional talent.

(It sounds better through the Naim though.)

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