Monday, 6 August 2012

A Gold Post Box For Dunblane

It was over 100 years ago a member of Team GB won a singles gold in tennis at the London 2012 Olympics.

Just 45 minutes after winning the singles gold, out-playing Federer most of the match, Andy Murray returned to Centre Court for the mixed doubles final with Laura Robson.  They were narrowly beaten by the top seeds from Belarus.

It was a silver medal gained rather than a gold medal lost for the scratch pairing with such limited experience of playing together.

What a day it was for him.

Before 8am this morning Owen Smith from the Royal Mail's engineering department was seen painting a post box in Dunblane's High Street.  Perfect!


Dioclese said...

I have mixed feelings about Murray. I'm glad for UK that he won, but he's just ssooooooooo arrogant. "Yeah, well I played really well and hit hit the ball so well, and I'm just so brilliant that I really, really deserved it!" (I'm paraphrasing, of course.)

He'd be a lot more popular if he just learned a little gracious humility. Self believe I understand, but this guy's just plain supercilious...

His mother will now be even more unbearable than usual. I can't stand her either!

JRB said...

Murray, as a professional tennis player, has just come from a Grand Slam event where he earned the tidy sum of £575,000 as losing finalist.
He now moves to the next Grand Slam event where no doubt he will again earn a princely sum.
Squeezed between them are the Olympics, now rapidly becoming just another event on the professional’s calendar.
And when he gains his first Grand Slam title, what worth then will a mere Olympic medal be to him?

You mention the Olympics of 100 years ago …

In 1912 Charles Dixon, age 39, took his two weeks annual leave from his job as a solicitor to travel to Stockholm to participate in the Olympics.
There, he won Silver in the Men’s Singles; Gold in the Mixed Doubles; and Bronze in the Men’s Doubles.
He then went back home and returned to his job as a solicitor.

How times, and values, have changed.

subrosa said...

Arrogant Dioclese? I entirely disagree. He says it as it is and if he played well he says that.

I have close connections with Dunblane and although some of his family can be erm, a little snobby, I'm told Andy certainly is not. I don't know him personally btw.

He's no media star like Tim Henman - who was eventually silent once the third set was going Murray's way. Murray will go into coaching or the physical side of tennis when he retires.

Hamish said...

Shucks Dioclese and JRB, the lad gets enough flak from the other side of the border. So what's with the friendly fire?
Did he cheat? Did he abuse line judges? Is he a tax avoider?
There are worse vices than a show of justifiable pride.

subrosa said...

How times have changed indeed JRB. I too would like to see the Olympics purely amateur but it's not to be.

Personally I think an Olympic gold is way above any other accolade. The others are for money as you point out.

Give the lad some credit though. He threw himself into these games playing in every section possible. No other tennis player did that.

Dioclese said...

"a bit snobby"? Hmmm.....guess so.

OK he says it like it is, but couldn't he just spare the odd word of praise for the other bloke rather than just telling us how good he is?

Give me Nadal or Federer or Djokovic any day. They know they're good but they always spare a thought for the other guy. Murray never seems to.

Guess we'll have to agree to differ on this one, but I respect your opinion.

Fourfolksache said...

Diocese you are talkimg utter boll**ks! Murrray has always credited his opponents skills. How could he ever be called arrogant. In fact when Federer beat hima month ago he 'graciously' conceded that Murray would win one grand slam one day ie ONE! He was talking in a second lamguage so I made allowances. He looked less than humble or magnanimous. Yesterday he was totally pissed off - as a supporters banner said ' it's only a formality Roger'!
Please now that he finally won don't start this tall poppy crap!

RMcGeddon said...

I wonder why these post boxes are always in awkward spots. Next to double yellow lines or one way streets.
Even newly sited one's seem to force you to get out of the car and walk to post a letter. Fair makes me puff. Especially if it's Christmas and I'm posting a lot of letters. Phew.
It seemed a bit unfair to make them play the doubles game on the same day.
I've no idea what was wrong with Federer. He didn't seem interested and had settled for silver from the start. Weird. Almost as if he was under instructions or something.

subrosa said...

Dioclese, I see I'm not going to alter your impression of Murray.

I can't think of a time when Murray didn't show verbal respect for his opponent - just like the other top players.

I think he has a shy personality and finds it difficult to express himself so publicly, although he's improving. :)

subrosa said...

The one in Dunblane is near the Cathedral RM and within yards of his uncle's optician shop. Think I might have a wee trip down with my camera some evening. :)

Today I read an interview with Federer. He said he was emotionally drained. Maybe, because he wasn't making a few hundred thousand dollars he felt it wasn't worth the effort.

At least Murray showed that money isn't everything.

Anonymous said...

The care and attention he showed to Laura Robson makes me think he's going to be a bloody good coach one day!

pa_broon74 said...

Murray seems to be a bit like tennis' answer to Marmite, I have a friend with what can best be described as a patholigical hatred of him, obviously not to the point of action right enough... I think its a mixture of middleclassness and the idea he has everything but still seems to be miserable, (not my view you understand.)

I think after wimbledon though, I've sort of changed my mind. I was never one to begrudge others their riches and success but Murray does seem just to be a bit dry personality-wise.

I would also say, I listened to Glenn Campbell interview Murray earlier in the week (on the call kaye show) after his Olympic win and I have to say, I'd be a bit miserable if I was being asked such moronic question at that time of the morning by a cretin like Campbell too.

Henman wasn't exactly a laugh a minute either but he didn't get the level of stick Murray gets, one wonders why.

subrosa said...

I think that's the road he'll go down when he retires Rightwinggit and as you say, do very well at it.

subrosa said...

Pa_broon, it's the lack of understanding of the Scottish nature too I think. I understand him well because I've one with a similar personality. Hates being high profile but needs to be at times and tries his best. Shyness plays a big part.

I didn't hear Campbell interview him. Must listen on iPlayer. :)

Surely you know the answer to that pa. Henman was dreadful in the commentary box. The day before he opening said he was looking forward to a Djokovic/Federer final.

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