Monday, 23 July 2012

The Expansion Of A British Dynasty

At first I thought this was purely part of the MSM's silly season, but it has been repeated often enough for me to realise there's no smoke without fire.

The young man pictured is Euan, the 28 year old eldest son of Tony and Cherie Blair.

According to Labour MP Tom Watson, the young Blair has shown commitment to improving his Labour credibility by taking up a public sector post, has even knocked on doors in previous by-elections and is a 'genuine Labour activist'. I do hope he didn't damage his knuckles with all that knocking.

Do genuine Labour activists live in £1.3million homes these days? What does this young man know about the realities of life for most of the population?

He is believed to have quit his job at the investment bank Morgan Stanley and is hoping to follow in his father's footsteps by becoming a Labour MP.

His father is back in the UK touting himself around the television studios in an attempt to ingratiate himself with the public. It's rumoured he would like to return to front line politics but there has been little enthusiasm within the Westminster bubble.

Another excellent reason for Scotland to become independent in 2014.


JimS said...

I'm afraid that Blair is one of many politicians from EU region UKM that have ruled at Westminster, it hasn't just been Brown.

There are many who wished Blair had stayed in UKM and not made the journey south!

pa_broon74 said...

Perhaps in the same way the USA had both senior and junior Bushes (so to speak) we'll have senior and junior Blairs.

Frankly, the mind boggles at the prospect.

Normally I don't agree that upbringing or social status should affect what job you do (be it politics or not) within reason of course. But I think in this instance, its better to be safe than sorry.

So Euan, I'm afraid its a no from me.

JRB said...

This reads like some cheap, third rate horror movie …

Just when you thought it safe to go into the polling booth alone - - -
From out of the darkness that is the world of merchant banking comes - - -
Euan – Son Of Blair
From his Grade II listed townhouse comes a more privileged Blair than any that have gone before - - -
And worst of all – he has Mummy Blair backing him all the way

Be afraid – be very afraid

“Euan – Son Of Blair” opens at a Labour party safe seat anytime now !!!

Barbarian of the North said...

An independent Scotland will produce exactly the same. In fact, we are already on the slippery slope.

Patronage counts more than talent in politics, as we can see with a certain ex-journalist who likes long and expensive lunches.

English Pensioner said...

Aren't the Blairs of Scottish descent?
With a bit of luck he might go home and try to enter Scottish politics.
I hope so!

pa_broon74 said...

Something tells me the Scottish political scene won't quite hold the allure the UK scene does.

We're not that corrupt yet up this way, long lunches not-with-standing.

Macheath said...

The article I read suggested Cherie is hoping to set up a Kennedy-style political dynasty - watch out for some interesting and advantageous marriages over the next few years.

And goodness knows what she's got planned for the one conceived at Balmoral; maybe her toe-curlingly indiscreet description of the occasion (Way too much information!) was all part of a cunning plan to establish his credentials for future social and political advancement.

subrosa said...

Jim, I'm sure many of us agree with you.

subrosa said...

The mind boggles indeed pa_broon. What are Labour thinking of? Obviously England.

subrosa said...

It's not only the Daily Mail who have reporting this JRB, I've read it on several MSM sites recently.

subrosa said...

He won't be looking for a safe Labour seat in Scotland I shouldn't think Barbarian.

subrosa said...

His father seldom acknowledges his Scottish birth EP. I doubt if his offspring consider Scotland anything more than an extension of England.

subrosa said...

I agree pa_broon.

subrosa said...

Macheath, for some reason I lost all my links to this reporting other than the one in the DM.

But you're right. Between the mother and father their children's future is planned - arranged marriages included.

Ian said...

Reminds me of a correspondent to BBC's "Any Answers?" many years ago:"Dear Question Master, by all means let Yorkshire have it's independence: that way we could be rid of James Harold Wilson of Huddersfield." Oh,if only Scotland could have had independence before 1997!

subrosa said...

If only indeed Ian.

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