Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pedal Power

As well as watching the final half hour of the Open later, I hope to see the final pedal rotations of Bradley Wiggins and his super-domestique Chris Froome on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

The last time two riders from the same national finished first and second in the Tour was 1984 when Laurent Fignon finished ahead of Bernard Hinault.

At speeds of up to 68mph on occasions, these two men deserve their victories.

The convention on the Tour is never to challenge the holder of the coveted Yellow Jersey on the final day's ride into the centre of Paris, meaning Wiggins can't lose now unless disaster strikes.

As Wiggins said yesterday, "The job is done, almost."  Congratulation gentlemen.


JRB said...

Oh, I am turning into a girnie old man. My apologies.

Every TV newscast, every radio news programme, every newspaper is leading with an overhyped, over egged account of Mr Wiggins impending victory.
So I turn to Subrosa for interesting topical discussion - to find – more cycling :)

Delighted to see a dedicated sportsman doing well – but - cycling, as a sport, is at best a minority interest in Britain. So why this grossly over exaggerated pre-victory and somewhat premature hype, heaven forbid, but he could be struck down, fall off and break a leg.

The time to celebrate is surely when he crosses the finishing line.

(Or - is now the time to start celebrating Scotland’s forthcoming grand-slam victory this coming rugby season)

subrosa said...

Oh dear JRB, I'm sorry I've spoilt your day to some extent.

One of the main reasons for the post was the part Froome has taken in the event. Without him I doubt if there would be such victories.

Cycling may be a minority sport but it's certainly popular in this area. Perhaps this is because I'm on the Land's End/John O'Groats run as well as being a training ground for serious cyclists. They appear to enjoy the 'pleasure' of cycling through the Grampians.

In fact, the other week when I travelled north, I saw more cyclists than cars. And in this weather too...

Joe Public said...

To all those predicting Bradley's win: a race isn't won until the Finish Line is crossed.

"......cyclists.... appear to enjoy the 'pleasure' of cycling through the Grampians."

Or they to want to ensure getting value-for-money from their subscriptions to 'Masochists Anonymous'

Independent England said...

David Cameron arranged for the Scottish Saltire to be flown above Number 10 for Andy Murray's Wimbledon final. I notice he hasn't extended the same courtesy to Bradley Wiggins and arranged for the English Cross of George to be flown!

Barbarian of the North said...

Cycling may be a "minority" sport, but look at what is involved in the Tour de France. 3,000+ km going up and down mountains, hills and avoiding the occasional pile up.

I think the coverage is fair, given the constant coverage of other sports.

subrosa said...

Very true Joe. Most of the racing cyclists seem rather addicted, possibly the same as other sportsmen and women at the top of their game.

subrosa said...

I never thought of that IE but you're right, DC should have arranged it.

Maybe he'll get tea at No 10 instead.

subrosa said...

I'd agree the coverage is fair. The money involved is massive too Barbarian. Scary.

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RMcGeddon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
subrosa said...

Ernie Els deserved it RM and is a popular winner I agree.

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