Friday, 1 June 2012

Scotland's Contribution To Sunday's Jubilee Pageant

Our First Minster has been busy this week.

I was reliably informed he has now completed the rehearsals - in a secret location off the west coast - for Sunday's pageant and the vessel is now making its way to the Thames.  It is understood Mr Salmond intends to travel by Easyjet to London on Saturday, to ensure his place directly behind the royal procession.
Quite right too.

We may be a small country but we have different priorities to other parts of the UK. No extravagant frippery for us. The famous Clyde puffer was requested by the First Minister shortly after he received his invitation to join the flotilla. in 'the smertest boat in the coastin tred' he will show the world that we are a proud nation which doesn't necessarily believe big is better.

(The photograph was taken by one of the crew during the secret rehearsals earlier in the week. The crew commended the First Minister for his patience when engine failure struck the vessel several times, however, I believe that issue has been resolved and the boat has now been equipped with a couple of inflatable dinghies which will be used as tugs in the case of emergency.)

I wish him a most enjoyable day and know he will do Scotland proud.


Anonymous said...

He could have taken one of the decommissioned, but still with its nuclear reactor in place, subs which sit in the dock at Rosyth. It's not as if it would be dangerous. It's not like Londoners wouldn't tolerate such a thing on their doorstep?

If he's looking to save money, and aren't we all at the moment, he could just have booked a seat on the big yellow Ducks which frequent the Thames.

Mind you a glowing radio active sub moored beside the Palace of Westminster would be a real spectacle.

subrosa said...

Now there's a thought TT. However I doubt if the border control agency would have let one past the border. They can't complain about the Vital Spark though can they? It's a national monument.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

The Vital Spark eh!

I'll be amazed if that one gets through security let alone the censors.

JRB said...

Whilst Eck is enjoying the festivities – Dan, Dougie and Sunny Jim could be filling the hold with cheap English booze, you know, the less than 50p a unit stuff.

They lads could all make a nice wee killing on the black market when they get home.

They can certainly put me down for a couple of bottles.

Brian said...

SS Shieldhall would have been a more appropriate vessel for Wee Eck.

subrosa said...

I was told there were a few problems with the health and safety bods Crinkly, but after a little Scottish hospitality I believe they then saw common sense.

subrosa said...

Mr too JRB. Sunny Jim's tipple would suit me fine.

subrosa said...

Auch Brian, is that no an English boatie?

Brian said...

She was built in Renfrew in 1954, owned by Glasgow Council for 21 years. Isn't that Scots enough?Given her original cargo, SS Politician would have been a better name but that's another ship and another story.

subrosa said...

Jings Brian, I didn't see that info. Apologies for not doing further research.

Why isn't it berthed up here instead of Southampton? Expect it's in that posh new setup at Southampton docks which charges visitors a fortune.

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