Saturday, 28 April 2012

Under Masters' Orders

The fact that the European Investment Bank (EiB) is preparing for the break up of the euro by allowing Greek businesses to repay loans in its former currency, the drachma, was barely publicised by the media this week.  Greece's Public Poert Corporation is the first to agree to the currency clause in return for a £55m loan from the EBI.

There was little comment on the EU commissioner Lazslo Andor's proposal for a relaxation on work restrictions for Eastern Europeans either. (source)

Hardly a whisper in protest was heard about the order, by EU chiefs, to give millions of foreigners full access to NHS healthcare.  The EU has ordered the UK government to scrap current rules stating that jobless EU citizens cannot stay in the country for more than three months unless they have their own health insurance. The decision could cost taxpayers around £1 billion a year.

As a generous country there is little doubt many would not object to any foreign visitor receiving emergency medical attention. Other EU countries reciprocate but most do not hesitate to charge for any additional services required or provided.

Both the English and Scottish health services are bursting at the seams. My friend with serious spinal problems still awaits an appointment with the local pain clinic.  She has waited over six months now and only a few weeks ago a surgeon informed her he could do nothing for her. Her now permanent condition is due to teaching PE to children for many years.

If we can't provide treatment for someone who has gone from walking 5 miles a day to being totally housebound, surviving on valium, morphine and other medication, how will we cope with an influx of health tourists?

If David Cameron had any substantial abilities he would resist this directive. He will do nothing of course.  The EU is his master and he's just Britain's chief salesman. It's time we grasped the nettle and took back full control of our own islands.



JRB said...

The EU is more and more taking on the appearance and characteristics of a tumor.

Like all tumors, it can be benign, pre-malignant or a malignant cancer.

With its unregulated and uncoordinated growth into every aspect of our lives, the EU is unquestionably malignant.

Sadly, we are already beginning to show the classic symptoms of end-stage disease.
The EU should be excised from our lives as quickly as possible otherwise our prognosis is terminal.

Apogee said...

Hi JRB, accurate diagnostic and probable the end result is fatal.

How much better would we be without this monkey on our backs.

subrosa said...

What more can I say JRB?

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