Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cameron Is The Wrong Kind Of Unionist.

Divide And Conquer.

A post from my friend and Unionist Oldrightie.

Despite my loathing for the European Union and its agenda for a EUSSR, I still look upon the United Kingdom as a Union derived from that espoused morality of the EU concept. That it is to say, out of bitter fighting, tribal conflict and historic mayhem, developed a mutually acceptable truce more likely to progress to a civilised, less fearful  society prepared to pull together.

That Union has stood the test of time and until Labour decided to toss a grenade into this relatively peaceful co-existence of friendly rivalry, for selfish gerrymandering purposes, all was well. Now the EU concept is far less benign for one simple reason. It is undemocratic, secretive and part of a very unpleasant scheme for a world dominated by political corruption, corporate greed and mob rule savagery.

Now as a fully paid up lick spittle piece of work, The Boy is heavily into the power crazed plan for world government. Indeed I doubt there exists in British and European politics anyone who is not. In particular those who, whilst rousing the Scottish people to again fight centuries old battles, quietly negotiate their standing and dues as totally committed Europeans. They are happily salivating at their potential riches and power as State Governors, secure in the collapse of electoral democracy capable of tossing them out.

If this seems far fetched witness the cap in hand Irish delegates begging to have their financial planning stamped by European despots. The capitulation of Greek politicians and even Italians. The fury directed at Spain for daring to stick two fingers up to the EU and German dictators. As for the epileptic frothing over Hungary, well, pure theatre of evil.

I just love  this toady like manipulation of intent.  As steeped in mendacity as any of the Westminster dominated, bought off MPs and their bureaucratic puppet masters of Whitehall and Brussels. Independence in The EU is only as far as statehood is permitted to retain. Look at the USA. The moment real issues arise in come the central armies, police and real power mongers of Washington. 

The moment a whiff of real independence and passion for freedom, that once absorbed our Island races and formed a united front against the Nazi might, is sniffed in Brussels, the Scottish lands will face a major crackdown in the manner now being suffered by the Greek peoples. 

Our pathetic bunch in London are little different from the Scottish Independents and Salmond. The only marker any of us have is that al of them are in thrall to Brussels. Break up The UK in pique at the clowns in Westminster. Turn your backs against your British cousins and we are divided and probably conquered. I can envisage the EGF stuffed with Scottish troops patrolling London's streets whilst Irish members are unleashed on Glasgow. A neat stirring of old, internal conflicts used to force obedience to Europe and the Bilderberger, Orwellian Empire.

Go for your independence, make that ill judged, coerced and blagged step. If you're lucky you might have a few years to feel liberated from your fellow islanders before reality kicks in and we need a united resistance movement as envisaged in 1940. Alternatively you can admire how similar the blue of the EU banners remind you of the colours of the old Scottish flag. Look at how those same hues were trampled in Greece and shrug "So what?".  Who knows, in years to come you might ask  "Remember that Oldrightie blogger bloke?"! 


RMcGeddon said...

There's no chance of leaving the EU under the Lib/Lab/Con government but there must be a 10% chance of getting out under independence so it's better than nothing.
But it's good to hear your views. The MSM seem to have given up on investigating the EU.
Note the VAT on hot pasties and the rise in postal charges being turned into little local squabbles when the real culprit is the EU and it's role in these increased costs. All caused by EU directives but ignored by the media.

Anonymous said...

Well OR I'm hoping the future is maybe a wee bit more positive.

If Alex behaves we might as yet get a chance to get out of the EU. One referendum to gain independence won't be enough to satisfy the Scots. We'll need more votes so we can have our say on the EU, Queenie, windmills, oil revenues etc. etc.

It was interesting that dear old Georgie provided incentives to the oil companies to get more oil out of the North Sea. Is there enough time between now and the referendum and then the enactment of Scottish Independence to extract enough oil to satisfy the UK Exchequer or is Georgie betting on a no vote?

What fun.

pa_broon74 said...

I'm no fan of the EU and what it has become, I'd rather we were out than in.

But as said, the people of Scotland (if I can use that phrase without giving anyone the nationalist boak) currently have no say what-so-ever on involvement in Europe, after independence we will.

When people living in Scotland vote yes, we're going to be in a unique position (should we choose to grab it.) Regardless of what Salmond says, the old order will be gone in Scotland, the erstwhile parties that were entrenched in the national psyche will have to do some serious re-inventing if they are to survive.

I look at it this way, Scottish independence isn't just that, its the break up of the United Kingdom. Its not just about a tiny country gaining independence, its the break up of the seventh largest economy in the world, a nuclear power being decimated in terms of populace and GDP. If the English people aren't at that point able redraft their own government & constitution, I find it hard to understand why people living North of the border (from where ever they happen to hail) should allow themselves to be dragged further into the Westminster-British (not English) bog of desperation & austerity.

Beyond that, in terms of a positive case for the union (a rare thing indeed.) If this is it, I'm not buying it.

Perhaps all those people migrating north of border understand that an independent Scotland is the best chance of a country where the EU doesn't rule because the fact is; we're not Greece or Spain, Scotland's fiscal position couldn't be more dissimilar so its not an argument you can deploy.

Oldrightie said...

One can be always guaranteed sensible and constructive debate here. I thank all kindly. I would, however say, that a more entrenched EU status would almost certainly be on the cards as an Independent State. Your oil is coveted every bit as much by The EU as by their puppets in Westminster. Same cheeks and all that!

subrosa said...

RM are you dreaming? The SNP are desperate to join the SNP.

You too TT, with an SNP government there is no chance of opting out of the EU, but hey, who says it will be an SNP government once we have independence? :)

subrosa said...

I detest the 'people of Scotland' lyric too pa_broon. It grates these days. I know what is meant but surely Scotland's residents on something would be better.

RMcGeddon said...

SR. Yes the SNP are pro the EU ( a lot more so than the other parties ) but I reckon there's a 10% chance of us staying out if the people demand a referendum on joining the EU or if the terms of joining are too onerous. Not much chance but worth 10%

subrosa said...

As you know I'm ever the optimist RM so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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