Friday, 10 February 2012

Scottish Independence - The Rule of the Game


JRB said...

My esteemed cardiologist is constantly urging me to reduce my daily salt intake.

I’m afraid I would require a dangerously large pinch of salt in order to consider this vid as ever approaching a piece of balanced investigative journalism which has no ulterior motive or agenda.

To quote PressTV: - “Press TV takes revolutionary steps as the first Iranian international news network, broadcasting in English.”

Scottish independence is of no significance, relevance or genuine interest to revolutionary Iranian PressTV. Their sole objective is heap derision and division on Mr Cameron, The Tories, Westminster, the UK and the West in general.

Dangerously large pinches of salt also act as an emetic.

subrosa said...

I thought it fair to show what the world is seeing JRB.

Take care with the salt now. :)

Michele said...

You'd be better off sourcing Australian, Canadian, NZ opinions than opting for a ranting anti-western diatribe - virulently opposed to the British Government.

Or was that what you were really for? One has to ask!

subrosa said...

Surely you know that's not what I was for Michele. But I do think it's of interest to some to see what others think.

RMcGeddon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Apogee said...

I have seen considerably less balanced reporting of Independence on the BBC and SKY.
The report was pretty honest, the only jarring note was the Labour MSP who didnt really stick to the subject IMHO.
One should look at what the report says, and not form opinions on who produced it.

subrosa said...

Fair point Apogee.

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